We sincerely thank you for your continued trust and cooperation
till today from when we founded Weed Co., Ltd. in 2001.
80% of our sales is from used car sales, and the rest is new car sales.
We limit sales products to Custom Complete vehicles such as Toyota Hilux Surf,
FJ Cruiser etc. mainly 4WD cars, and install new parts on them,
so that we offer reasonable pricing.
First of all, there are frequent dissatisfaction points
when purchasing used cars, and prices may be unequal depending on timing.
In order to eliminate this dissatisfaction as much as possible,
we set a uniform price according to the release year, running distance,
and specifications, and we are doing our best to be able to offer good products
equally to all customers. We also incorporate our original brand parts into new cars,
propose customized to the style of your choice to make customers satisfied,
and share the pleasure of making cars with customers.
We will change further in the future while receiving customer's suggestions,
we will further improve the level so that customers think that it is really good
to purchase at our company, so please continue to patronize us.

HIROSHI AKI – Store Manager

With my 20 years experience
as a car dealer, I do answer
to customer's needs at all times.
I am good at proposing parts
and offering ideas, we are
actively working on product
development of our own brands,
so please do not hesitate to
consult with parts and custom things.


Although I look burly,
actually I am very easy going,
cheerful and jocular!
While talking happily with
the customer, I will try
my best to suggest
the best one to you.
We are waiting for
all of you coming to our store.


I love cars! I love Surf!
My favorite car is, of course, 
Hilux Surf.
I joined this industry 
because I wanted to work with cars.
I work hard to polish my car and myself.
I have experienced as a gymnastics
and sports instructor.
So I'm good at spinning! :D


I love cars and I’m very happy to work with them.
I'll do my best to introduce you our cool brand 
and your own unique style!

Please feel free to contact us 
regarding your needs for the customization!

TILAK – Staff

Hello everybody, 
I am Tilak Lama from Nepal. 
In 2020 I started work 
for Mclimb company 
because I love cars, 
and in my opinion, 
work is like god. 
I do my best at work, 
anytime, anywhere, anyhow, 
so I chose this company. 
Thank you so much.

YUKARI UENO – Business and administration

It has been already ten years
since I joined this company,
I'll do my best for the customer
satisfaction with natural brightness.
We are trying to make a bright,
fun and homey shop. We look forward
to seeing more customers at our store.


As short as I look, I’m very flexible.
We also try to provide you the best 
suggestion and polite response.
We are committed to helping 
our customers enjoy a wonderful car life.
Please come and see us!


I can handle any detail with ease!
The parts have been carefully installed one by one.
We will build you a car that will make you happy!
If you have a problem, please contact us.


Hello everyone
I am Santosh from Nepal .
I came to japan 4 years ago.
I already finished
2 years of Japanese
language course and
2 years of accounting course
in vocational college.
As I joined this job recently,
I'm happy to work here.
Although the office
environment is excellent.
As I'm an extrovert person.
l like friendly people.
Here all staff are helpful
as well as friendly.
This work provides me
both the opportunity to learn
 and deal with customers.
So, as a staff I always
 try my best for the customers.
These are all the reasons
 I feel comfortable to work here.

PIA – Staff

I enjoy having the 
opportunity to learn about
  Japanese customer service 
and how a Japanese 
company operates. 
Everyone here is 
so helpful and nice
that I feel like 
I have a second 
family here. 
Although I am 
in charge of 
the company’s  
international aspects, 
I help out around 
the office and see 
how hard everyone is working. 
I hope that in the future, 
we can all go
 international together!

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