Hilux surf specialty shop “WEED” has not simply sold customized cars to customers with our custmization and maintenance services, since its establishment in 2001. We have been manufacturing and selling a number of models and now it has been 11 years as Hilux Surf specialty store. Today, the trend is towards a compact eco-friendly car. Certainly these cars are reasonable and excellent as a tool for moving means. On the other hand, young generations are getting away from cars, because there is no attractive car in reality for them. We believe that “cars are important items for self-assertiveness for young people” and “must have fun to watch, ride and enjoy.”. It is our pleasure to customize cars that will tremble young ages just by looking, cars to get people’s attention when you are driving. We will continue our daily efforts for such customers as much as possible. We support customers’ car life with “unique sense and knowledge of WEED”.


We carefully select base cars from auction venues nationwide. The base car selection is the most important process to customize Hilix Surf. It is essential that it is a good used car. Vehicles that experienced major accidents, vehicles that are not able to run, vehicles that are used in adverse conditions, etc. are all excluded. Experienced staffs choose vehicles by themselves! That’s WEED’s base car selection.


WEED will paint the entire exterior (all paint) according to your wishes. Some people do not have a good image on all paint, but our company is confident in it. Craftsmen who do not allow compromise thoroughly polish from the base of the base vehicle, so we are praised by our customers because we paint car and parts after taking off all removable parts. It makes you feel like you bought a new car. Please feel the painting technique of WEED by all means.


We are doing special inspection and maintenance as a specialty shop. Our shop is a professional shop specialized in Hilux Surf. Utilizing our many years of experience, it is useful for daily car deliveries inspection based on parts suspected of aged deterioration and defects that occurred in the past. Hilux Surf is a very strong car with body, engine, and auxiliaries, but in order to get comfortable riding, careful inspection and maintenance is indispensable. In addition to expendable parts such as engine oil, oil filter, belt, battery, brake pad, wiper rubber, we will exchange parts as necessary.


We delivery your ordered vehicle to you by ourselves in Japan. If you reside outside of Japan, we ship your car via reliable shipping company. Please do not worry even if you live far away and you can not come to see the car to the store! Weed tells you your car information until you are satisfied, we will choose a car that will satisfy you. We will respond with enthusiasm to customers who wish to customize car. We want to see customers’ pleasing face! Because it is a car that we customize with confidence! We take a photo at the moment of delivery(if you reside in Japan). This is the car delivery style of WEED.


The cars WEED sells to customers are all the verified vehicles by Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA).
Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA) : Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA), as a third-party organization that does not generate profit in the sales of used cars, is engaged in activities aimed at creating a system that allows customers to purchase used cars with confidence and create such environment. They do two services, one is to issue certificates by Grading Verification System(GVS), and the other is to spread inspection skills by Assessment Education Support (AES).By penetrating these two things in the used car industry, customers would be able to purchase used cars with a sense of security and confidence.

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