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Land Cruiser Prado – WALD Sports Line

Grade TX New Completed Car on the WALD Sports Line It especially has more impact from the front: With the rear spoiler and wide over fender, the vehicle width changes. But not to worry, we will take care of the new car registration, and it is within the Japan vehicle inspection guidelines.

Customized Prado: Lifted Up Kit

Hi, it’s Nishioka from Sabae Branch! We installed the lift up kit to the Prado the other day Here’s what it looks like underneath: Brand new suspension coil springs~ The customer actually also wanted to have our KANONE rims moutned as well, but the snowfall here is still pretty heavy, making it unpractical for now.

Land Cruiser Prado For Sale

2019 Land Cruiser Prado, late 150 Prado model, Grade: TX-L, gasolineMileage: 12,600 km!! Standard Parts on the Prado includes the following: New 17 inch AW KANONE (black clear) New BFG/AT/285/70/17 New 2 inch lift up kit New diff drop kit Grille BK paint New over fender New dual muffler Memory navigation by ALPINE (CD, USB,

Full Model Change for the Land Cruiser Prado!?

There’s been talk of a full model change for the Land Cruiser Prado, estimated to come out some time in 2022. But what will be changed? We don’t know the details, but we like to imagine that it would be a gasoline turbo AT engine. We’re excited to see the specs for the new model

October Campaign!!

The campaign for this month is for buying new cars… No loan interest rate for the following cars! Land Cruiser Prado: – Mclimb Complete Model– WALD Complete Model Delica D5:– WARLOCK Complete Model– BK Style Complete Model We want you to enjoy your car without worrying about the interest rate in your payment plan, so

July Campaign Ending Soon!

Quick! Order now for ultra low interest rates on the Land Cruiser Prado!

Mid Model Land Cruiser Prado in Stock

Land Cruiser Prado on display at our showroom today!

July Campaign

2020 July’s Campaigns!

Land Cruiser Prado in BK Style and WALD Style

Land Cruiser Prado in BK or WALD Style? Take your pick!