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Hilux Photoshoot

Our Tsuchiyama store manager, Mr. Aki, took the Hilux twins out for a photoshoot the other day~ Both the white and beige make an impressive entrance into the outdoors! Especially with the iKamper roof top tent mounted: For those with a good eye, our rims are the CORORADO rims from Crimson in matte charcoal black.

The Hilux Camper!

At our Sabae Branch, the weather’s quickly warming up. And you know what this means: camping weather! We offer our Nomad Camper for the Hilux, currently on display at our showroom: The Skycamp Mini roof top tent by iKamper is mounted above the truck bed, ready to show you what your future camping experience could

Did you know?

The 150 series Prado has a comfort function for the back seat! You can set it on recline just like this: For more on the Land Cruiser Prado, feel free to contact us!

New Front Grille

It’s a hot day at our Tsuchiyama Branch~ But despite the heat, we continue to customize cars 😉 This time, we are changing the Land Cruiser Prado’s front grille: From the original Prado grille…. Removed…. And replace it with a new one! This new grille has the TOYOTA Mark and radar attached! For any customization

Thank You, Shiba-chi!!!

It was a sad day when one of our main mechanics decided to leave us after 7 years together. We’ve had many wonderful memories the past 7 years, and now we wish him all the best in the future!! From the beginning until his last day here, he’s supported us with his kindness, excellent skills

Delica Photoshoot

We had a Prado photoshoot before, and now it’s time for the Delica photoshoot! This Delica is kitted with our Mclimb original WARLOCK body kit, giving it a more intimidating look. Paired with the NOMAD rims, it makes for an awesome ride. What do you think? Would you like to own a Delica customized like

New Surf in Stock!

We have a red hot Surf in stock at our main showroom! An American Style narrow body~ Paired with the Garcia Cisco rims~ And an Mclimb original side muffler to match! Surfs like this don’t stay available for very long, so if you are interested, please contact us soon! We look forward to hearing from

Land Cruiser Prado BK+

Here’s a Prado we delivered just the other day~ The Land Cruiser Prado customized in the Mclimb Complete + Style, kitted with the Mclimb Original Body Kit: 35mm over fender 2 inch lift up kit KANONE rims BFGoodrich AT 285/70/17 This Prado’s owner wanted to add an additional custom: the dual W muffler! An awesome

The Skycamp at Sabae Branch

Reintroducing the Skycamp 2.0 on the Delica D5 at our Sabae Branch! Our customers are always surprised by how spacious it is once you open it up~ Make your camping experience simple and enjoyable. For any enquires, feel free to contact us at Mclimb/Weed!

Mounting the Rear Ladder

During the festival at AutoBacs, we’ve added another element to our Delica D5: the rear ladder! Remember to remove the number plate first before installing it! The roof rack, rear ladder, and bumper guard are very popular recently. When it’s mounted, reinstall the number plate… And that’s it! The KADDIS rear ladder has been kitted!