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Delica D5 at Sabae Branch

The Delica D5 on display is the Nomad Camper edition: This edition has the iKamper roof top tent SKYCAMP 2.0 mounted And the rims are our original NOMAD rims The Skycamp 2.0 roof top tent is mounted so our customers can freely try it out in person~ For the details, look below: Vehicle Information:2.2 diesel

Delica D5 and Skycamp Set

If you are looking for a Delica D5, check us out~ Last time we looked at the gasoline model D5, but now we will look at the current model. <Nomad Camper Series> The iKamper brand roof top tent set and other parts and navigation installments are in demand! We have all of these wrapped up

Original NOMAD Rims

Our Mclimb NOMAD rims look awesome even on a normal car! Fits with any style~ For more information, contact us!

The NOMAD Rims on the RAV4

These 16 inch AW NOMAD rims are usually mounted on the Delica D5, but now they can also be mounted on the RAV4! A good fit~ Contact us for more information at our main showroom, Tsuchiyama Branch, and Sabae Branch.