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Shooting a YouTube Episode at Tsuchiyama Branch

We shot a YouTube episode at our Tsuchiyama Branch the other day! I might be making an appearance in the episode too~ You’ll have to watch it to find out! With Christmas coming is less than 10 days, we put up a bit of decoration: Can you spot it? 😀

X-Cover on the LonBoo Channel

The second video with the X-Cover from iKamper is out on LonBoo’s Youtube channel! The X-Cover is currently undergoing a design upgrade, and is not available for new orders, so only the ones we have in stock are left! We only have 4 remaining X-Covers in stock, so contact us soon to get one before

LonBoo and His X-Cover!

LonBoo, a Youtuber, has set up the iKamper X-Cover on his ride! He talks about how good it is, and how happy he is using the X-Cover on his beloved car. Check out his video and channel~ If you are interested in getting an iKamper roof top tent, feel free to contact us!