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Payment Plans for the WALD Land Cruiser

At our Tsuchiyama Branch, the WALD Land Cruiser in stock are gradually going! Recently, we have more payment options available. One of the more popular plan is the residual value deferred plan. Another plan is the monthly installment plan. Regardless of the plan, the number of years for each plan is decided from the start.

Land Cruiser Model Change 2021

There will be a model change for the Land Cruiser this year~ We will know the details and pricing around April. With that, the current Land Cruiser’s production is coming to an end. It is still a popular car, as expected from the King of land transportation! It may be the last V8 engine model,

Winter Is Here!

As the weather gets colder, it becomes harder to get out of the house each morning. But we are still open and have some hot rides on display! Behold: the Land Cruiser! It exudes power whichever way you look at it. The black color gives it that nice and crisp feel and the driving experience

News on the Next Land Cruiser Model

There’s been talk of a new Land Cruiser model coming out next year! Lots of speculation all around, but the specifications are still not confirmed. Will it be a V6 petrol 3.5L+ motor?Maybe a 3.3L diesel turbo+motor?Or perhaps it will go towards the V8 petrol 4.6L engine that is popular overseas. Personally, for the Land

Bring In the Land Cruisers!

Land Cruisers at the Showroom!