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Kitting the WARLOCK on the Delica

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how the WARLOCK body kit goes on the Delica D5: Here you can see our managers carefully kittiing the over fenders on the D5. The matte black body kit with the white body color makes it even more eye-catching. You can place an order for the WARLOCK

Takahiro Miyake’s Delica!

We are still planning the next production with Mr. Miyake, the pro bass angler, but before we know it…. The Delica D5 Demo Car for Mr. Miyake was completed! Here are some behind the scenes pictures: And the completed version~ The completed model looks awesome! The WARLOCK body kit is coated with the tuff coat,

Variations for the Delica D5

Introducing the many faces and rims for the Delica D5! Starting with the many faces~ Starting with the WARLOCK faces: The body kit has a special front grille kitted, giving it a different look on the D5. From the top left, we have… The WARLOCK body kit on a BK style D5 The WARLOCK body

Delica D5 Popular Styles

The Delica D5 in BK 2 Styles: BK 2 Style & WARLOCK Style First up, the BK2 Style: For the G-Power Package, specs include: front grille black painted front bumper black painted rear bumper black painted JAOS over fender 16 inch aluminum wheels (NOMAD/BMC +27) BFGoodrich AT-KO2 tires (235/70R16) Multi-around monitor Vehicle Price in Japan:

Model Car for Mr. Miyake

It is a difficult time due to corona, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to go camping and fishing~ We are working on a model car geared towards the one professional fisherman Mr. Miyake used for his Bass Fishing Outdoors episode. This is from DINO, a German brand that makes special paint that prevents

Delica D5: Sand Beige Style

Introducing the latest custom on the Delica D5! All body sand beige painted with the WARLOCK body kit installed. This is currently on display at our Tsuchiyama Branch, so feel free to visit and check it out!

New Car on Display

At Tsuchiyama Branch, we have a new car on display! Being the go-to shop for Delica D5, this new ride is real special… It is the beige Delica D5 with the WARLOCK body kit! WARLOCK body kit: 4 piece kit Front Grille with special LED lamp 16 inch NOMAD rims (in either black clear or

Delica on Display

Welcome to our Tsuhicyama Branch! We specialize in Delica D5 customs, so let’s see what we have on display at our showroom~ First we have our BK Style Delica D5 with Rally Art rims. This is an all black style. Next we have the WARLOCK Completed Model with the iKamper 2.0 roof top tent mounted.

Introducing the Delica D5 Body Kit

We’re about to get these in stock again, so let’s get you familiar with our WARLOCK body kit for the Delica D5! Easy to install to make a wide body~ Front Grille (ABS) ※LED Lamps (D:5 Decal) are sold separately. Front Bumper Garnish (ABS) Rear Bumper Garnish (ABS) Over Fender Garnish (ABS) ※fender garnish adds

Happily Working

Good morning from Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch! Seems like the northern regions will start having lots of snowfall from today onward, even up to having blackouts… Those of you in the northern area, please take care! We took our Delica out for a photoshoot yesterday~ We planned to go to Kakogawa for the photoshoot, but whether