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Rad over fender Mounting

Weed Sabae store.We would like to introduce the MClimb original over fender that was installed on the Land Cruiser Prado the other day. I painted it in the same color as the body and attached it.It will be cooler with an over fenderSince it is necessary to change the structure when installing the Prado over

Tsuchiyama store showroom

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The bad weather has been going on lately,It’s a really nice weather todayThe cherry blossoms are about to bloom(Since there was no cherry blossom stamp, I kept the tulips in bloom.By the way, in the showroom of the Tsuchiyama store, we replaced the exhibition cars. If you replace it, the atmosphere will change.It

I got a nice photo.

It ’s nice to wake up in nature. Why don’t you experience the best awakening in the rooftop tent of iKAMPER?Outdoors such as seasonal camping will be fun from now on.Thank you for your photo.

Event Information

ROOF TOP CAMPINGEvent photos have arrived Many rooftop tents are lined up and it is a fun event. From iKAMPER Japan, SKYCAMP 2.0 is installed on the Delica D5, and SKYCAMP MINI is installed on the trailer of the blast trail. SKYCAMP 2.0 is a batch with a tarp tent already installed.

Return in March

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s about half a month in March, isn’t it?Is it about time for the cherry blossoms to bloom?Meanwhile, it’s raining today. It’s raining a lot.Friday is always the car wash day, but it was a rain forecast, so I washed the car yesterday. The cars seemed to be comfortable because of the good

We will hold an instagram

Every Sunday’s annual instagramIt will be held from 18:00 on the 20th (Sun), so we are waiting for a lot of viewing.

Jimny Sierra Custom Request

Weed Sabae store.The other day, I received a request to replace the front turn signal lens of Jimny Sierra, so I would like to introduce it. From a genuine turn signal lens When the turn signal is blinking, it glows yellow properly.Thank you for your custom request.Of course, custom inquiries are also possible, so please

Spacia Gear x SKY CAMP MINI

Attach SKYCAM PMINI to Spacia Gear It goes well with SKYCAM PMINI, which is black and crisp for a cute and pop car.This time, I installed it with INNO’s wing bar carrier. It will be fun in the coming seasonFeel free to contact iKamper Japan for rooftop tents.

YouTube shooting

Today is the shooting day for Mr. TatchanMr.Tatchan have a good face. Checking the camera It was a fun shootstay tunedComing Soon

215 series Hilux Surf original over fender

215 series Hilux Surf original over fender WEED original 21 series Hilux Surf over fenderWhen you put it on, you will feel off-road at once.We also sell it, so please wear the original over fender and enjoy the cool surf. For inquiries, please contact the Weed head office