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Weed Tsuchiyama

Thank you for your continued support this yearThis is Weed Tsuchiyama store.Happy New Year.I look forward to working with you again this year. We are open today as well.We look forward to your visit and inquiry.TEL: 078-942-1600MAIL:

185 Surf Introduction

This is Weed Sabae store.It was fine weather today and I washed the display vehicle. Blue, brown, black, and beige is on display in the shop.Did you have a favorite or curious color?Please visit us and see for yourselfFor inquiries, please contact Weed Sabae store

SKYCAMP2.0 on display at Weed Sabae store will be on sale

A typhoon is approaching.Everyone, please ensure your safety as soon as possible.As the title suggests, we had an exhibition at the Weed Sabae store.We will be selling “SKYCAMP2.0 black”.The price is 416,000 yen (tax included) List price 547,800 yen※free shipping.*Installation fee, base carrier, etc. are charged separately.It is quite profitable.Please purchase as soon as possible.For


Japan’s largest outdoor vehicle festival『VEHICLE STYLE FUN MEETING』A new connection between car play and outdoor playWith the spread of SNS, various exchanges are spreading on the Internet.Even so, we are holding events in search of new encounters and discoveries.FAN (enthusiast) = FUN (enjoy)From online to offline real connections.We will exhibit as iKamper Japan, a BIG

Delica Custom Weed Sabae store.

Today, I changed the grill of Delica D:5 and installed the gokubuto.It will be a picture after completion suddenly,·whole ・Dealer option blackout grill ・Dealer option blackout fog lamp garnish ・Dealer option blackout clearance lamp garnish ・Autoflags Gokubuto R? ·whole If it is a dealer option, it will be glossy black.We are waiting for your custom

X-COVER2.0 + Hilux Sruf

I’m back from summer vacationI hope you have a good rest, and I will do my best again full of energy, so please do not hesitate to contact me.By the way, a customer who purchased a Hilux Surf from us recently purchased iKamper’s “X-COVER2.0” and immediately went camping, so we received a wonderful letter. .

Notice of Rakuten Coupon

It’s really hot these days. Please drink plenty of water and spend the dayHere is a guide to coupons that can be used at Rakuten. ●August 7th (Sun) to 14th (Sun)● 5% off for those who purchase 2000 yen or morePlease use it by all means.

Information about summer vacation

It’s hot again today, but it’s cloudy and it looks like we’ll still be able to withstand the heat.But the sky looks like it might rain from now onLet’s get to the pointAll stores will be closed for summer vacation from Monday, August 15th to Thursday, August 18th.We appreciate your understanding.We are fully open until

From the tent to the starry sky

This is the iKamper Japan division.It’s getting hotter and hotterEveryone, please take care of your physical condition.By the way, the iKamper tent that will finally receive new products next month■SKYCAMP3.0 seriesfinally landed For customers who have already made a reservationAs soon as we receive it, we will deliver and install it sequentially.please wait for a

Exhibit car replacement

Weed Sabae store.The other day, I replaced the exhibition car.Here is the new addition to the exhibition car Delica D: 5 BK Style Army Green 185 Surf 4Runner Style Delica D: 5 Nomad Camper Specification (with optional bumper guard)The black Delica and 185 Surf are on display in the store.The Land Cruiser Prado, which has