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You used SUP rental

It’s getting hotter and the season for water sports has arrived.Weed rents “SUP” that can be used on the water at any time.The other day, I received a photo of the customer who enjoyed using it. An elegant momentIt is good to spend a relaxing time swayed by the wind and waves. It is also

Daylight installation

The other day, I installed a daylight on the Land Cruiser Prado.before After With the Land Cruiser Prado, it became wilder.We are waiting for your custom request.

What is a new car complete car?

Delica D5, which is especially popular with those who enjoy the outdoorsIt is a new car complete model that has been well received, but let’s review it a little.First of all, what is a new car complete model? I will explain it for those who think.A new car complete model is a new car that

17 inches to put on 150 Prado? Or 20 inches

I went to shoot PradoThis is a photo shoot for a magazine that I have always been indebted to. Photographer A is a rain man, but it’s unusually sunny. Will it snow tomorrow? Now, let’s talk about inch-up.If you don’t pay attention to the inch-up of the black can, it will have the opposite effect.That

It is a great deal

Delica and Hustler deals Delica D: 5 H24.7 to H31.1 model exclusive 8-seater MCLIMB original seat cover / blackThe list price is 86,900 yen (tax included), but the limited quantity special price is 43,500 yen (tax included).Installation wages and shipping charges are not included.It will end as soon as the specified number is reached. Hustler

Hilux Surf XC Style

XC styleXC means cross-country.Cross-country is a sport that runs on unleveled roads in athletics and in snowy fields in skiing.Yes, in the case of cars, it means that we specialize in off-road driving. The Hilux Surf / XC style sold at Weed is a customization that emphasizes the crocodile. The feature is the color-coded over

Helper from Hyogo

Weed Sabae store.It’s hot! It’s hot like summer.Today, I installed Sky Camp 2.0 on 185 Surf.The Sabae store is usually open with two staff members, so a helper came from Hyogo to attach a skate camp.Mr. Tatsumi and Mr. Muraoka. I will install it with a familiar hand Adjust the position and fix it to

Nice. 7

This time, Hilux coolIt’s nice to look good in any scene.Please send us your wonderful photos!

Seat cover mounting

Weed Sabae store.I installed a seat cover on Jimny Sierra today. It will be an M Climb original seat cover.In addition to red and black, there are three colors, black and brown.Just by attaching the seat cover, the atmosphere inside the car will change completely. We are waiting for your inquiry.

Outdoor Park 2022

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Yesterday, I participated in the outdoor park being held at the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park in Osaka.We exhibited ikamprer rooftop tent, AIOKS and other outdoor products. As soon as the venue opens, a large number of customersI was surprised at the number of people beyond my imaginationI once again felt the greatness of