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Delica Fan Meeting DFM 2021 Event

Yesterday at Yamanashi Prefecture’s Fujiten Snow Resort we had our 2 Delica D5’s on display!! Both have the WARLOCK body kit installed. The beige one also has the Skycamp 2.0 roof top tent mounted!!! During the event, we had people come by for a closer look. They could also try out the car or the

New Delica in the Showroom

Good day from our main showroom! We have a new car on display here:The previous model Delica D:5 ~XC Style~in 70 beige body color! We had the front bumper, rear bumper, and the front and rear skid bar painted matte black. The roof’s painted black to make it a 2-tone color, paired with the NOMAD

Delica Fan Meeting on 6/27

Check this out: Delica Fan Meeting Event on 25 July!! Of course, Mclimb/Weed will be joining in. We will present both the Eigar Grey and Beige Delica with the iKamper tent mounted at the event. With the DELICA emblem on the hood and the rear, the beige Delica is looking sharp. ☆Delica Fan Meeting 2021☆Starts

Taking Custom Requests

It’s another day at our main branch! The weather’s gotten hotter, and our poster-boy Ta-chan is working up a sweat ~ Doing his best in this heat~ Along with him, we have our other mechanics working hard too! They’re installing the hitch member today. At our main branch, we accept many custom, paint, and maintenance

Work In Progress

We have another 90 Prado coming in for customization! It’s currently a work in progress, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s finished!

Delica D5 Customs

LED Room Lamp: from left (genuine) to right (LED) Make sure you see everything you need to see with these LED lamps! 2. Hitch Member First, we have to remove the protection cover, where you will see the Adblue tank. While most cars have this tank up front, the Delica has it in the back.

The Latest 215 Surf!

With the weather so fine, we just had to take our latest customized 215 Surf out for a drive! The pearl body gives a powerful yet high-quality look, charming the classic lovers of the series. Our Mclimb original KANONE rims make a good contrast match to the Surf~ We also had the interior black headlights

Custom Muffler Request

At our Sabae Branch, we replaced the Hilux muffler with one of our own! Here’s one of our staff, Nishioka, hard at work~ And the final look: This looks way cooler than the original one! For any custom requests, feel free to contact us!!!

Changing the Tires and Rims on the Wrangler

At our Tsuchiyama branch, we prepared the Wrangler for delivery! Here’s us changin the tires and rims: From the genuine rims and tires to the MK-46 AW and BFGoodrich tires! And the finished product: These rims give a stronger look to the Wrangler, don’t they? For more information or custom requests, feel free to send

Hilux Photoshoot

Our Tsuchiyama store manager, Mr. Aki, took the Hilux twins out for a photoshoot the other day~ Both the white and beige make an impressive entrance into the outdoors! Especially with the iKamper roof top tent mounted: For those with a good eye, our rims are the CORORADO rims from Crimson in matte charcoal black.