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Japan’s largest outdoor vehicle festival『VEHICLE STYLE FUN MEETING』A new connection between car play and outdoor playWith the spread of SNS, various exchanges are spreading on the Internet.Even so, we are holding events in search of new encounters and discoveries.FAN (enthusiast) = FUN (enjoy)From online to offline real connections.We will exhibit as iKamper Japan, a BIG


Weed head officeHilux GR arrived earlier than expectedThe original plan was to have 10 units to be completed in September.Production in the home country has been accelerated and it has arrived a month early. The vehicle in this image is the vehicle of the customer who made the reservation.I will start working on customizing it.The

Youtube shooting scenery

Weed Tsuchiyama storeUnfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?The students are like summer vacationIt looks like the hot days will continue from tomorrow, so please be careful not to get heatstroke.Aside from that, the other day I did a Youtube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store.This time on Youtube, it’s a smoky blue Hilux.

Feel free to visit the Weed main store.

We have installed a parasol and parasol at the main store. It’s getting hot these days and it’s hot and hot to go out, isn’t it?Women are particularly worried about sunburn, right?You can see the car with confidenceThis parasol is okay in the rain, so please feel free to use it even for men.The inside

Individuality group HILUX Z

Hilux is popularThe other day, I took a Hilux and went to Lake Biwa to shoot a magazine, and Tobi, who I went with, said that the Hilux had a lot of horsepower and was good at running.Although it is a huge body over 5 meters, the rear is light with a loading platform and

About new car options

The typhoon has become an extratropical cyclone and a heavy rain warning has been issued.Introducing the optional Bug Guard for the new Land Cruiser Prado and Hilux. It’s getting warmer recently and a lot of insects have come out. I’m surprised when the insects hit the windshield.It is 17,600 yen including tax.Recommended for those who

Newly started handling

Weed main store.We have started handling new parts.We have received an order from time to time.“Bug guard”Made by AIRPLEX〇 The main body is very thick and firmly made.The edges of the protector are angled, so the flow of wind changes considerably and you can feel the effect.Japanese installation manual is enclosed.〇The way it gets dirty

Hilux Smoke Blue

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Although it is the time of the rainy season, it is extremely hot outside due to the shining light.Hilux Smoke Blue on display at TsuchiyamaI have taken this picture It ’s very fashionable and cool, is n’t it?Matching the popular Hilux to such a color with the blue sky above Put X COVER

weed Tsuchiyama store

weed Tsuchiyama storeWe installed the eye camper on display at the AUTOBACS Festival from the beginning of the morning. It’s a very hot dayThe heat of the day and the heat of the festival are likely to cause burns. There are some people who feel like they’re done.It’s just the beginning today, right?The eye camper

Completion of Hilux color change

The other day, you introduced the Hilux color change.It’s completedThis time, I changed to smoky blue with all paint. As you can see, they are all different. The bonnet that was removed was already assembled by the base staff. Thank you. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it takes time to assemble because