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Weed Sabae store is open well please feel free to contact us

Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.It’s a season when the temperature has dropped and it’s easy to spend.Today, I would like to introduce the vehicles on display at the Weed Sabae store. First of all, there are Hilux Surf, 90 series Prado, Jimny Sierra outside Prado and Delica are on display when you enter the

Exhibited cars at Tsuchiyama store

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The state of emergency has been extended in Hyogo prefecture.I feel that AUTOBACS on the weekend is also quiet.By the way, the other day, I replaced the vehicle. Jimny Sierra with ARB specifications WARLOCK specification Delica D5 that you will see first with Dawn when you enter the entrance of AUTOBACS MCLIMB Complete

Exhibit car wheel change

Weed Sabae storeThe Hilux wheel displayed in the store the other day has been changed.Originally it had a mirror clear canon, It is changed to black clear canon.Mirror clear is also cool, but black clear is also cool.It is on display at the Sabae store. We look forward to your visit.

New exhibition car at Tsuchiyama store

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Today, I would like to introduce a new exhibition car that came to the Tsuchiyama store. Jajan Hilux REVO 2.8 G Diesel turbo ROCCO specification is a rare one. The interior is also full of luxury.Well, it’s wonderfully cool.This is the current car sale, so first come, first served ~For more information, please

Hilux BK style

Weed Tsuchiyama store.We are currently making a vehicle.The Hilux Z grade BK style specification will be completed soon.A tough liner is used for this specification.Toughliner becomes a brand of running construction using polyurea agent and forms a tough and flexible film. Then, I will show you the installation scenery of the already constructed product. The

Hilux navigation installation

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It is hot today. I feel like I’ve only written about it lately.The typhoon is approaching, and it seems that it will start raining in Hyogo from tonight.By the way, the other day, I installed a navigation system on the Hilux, which has already been sold. There were a lot of lines, and

Hilux Custom Request

This is Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.Today, I would like to introduce a custom request for the Hilux. This custom is lift up There is only a photo after the lift-up is finishedThe height of the car has increased.In the case of Hilux, when you lift up, you have to install the front camera,

Exhibit car specification change

Weed Sabae store.The Hilux exhibited at the Sabae store was a Nomad camper specification, but to change the specification, the Sky Camp Mini and Yakima carriers were removed.before after Stay tuned for what the specifications will be

August started

Weed Tsuchiyama storeAugust has startedIt will be autumn in one month at the earliest.By the way, I installed the bed liner on the Hilux the other day, but this time I installed the tri-fold cover of the loading platform. Now, even if it rains, the inside will not get wet.What happens when you fold it

Hilux Custom!

Weed Sabae store!Hilux has been lifted up! The front is a 40mm lift-up coil Rear is a 25mm lift-up block When lifted up, it looks bigger than the genuine one! !!This vehicle is a black rally edition of the previous term and has a genuine over fender, but the over fender suits the Hilux ~!We