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The Delica’s Interior

Our Tsuchiyama Branch is specialized in the Delica D5’s interior as well as its exterior. Check out these pictures: The leather seat covers seat covers over the original fabric seats give a more sleek feel to the ride. We have the leather seat covers available in black with silver stitches, giving a high quality look.

Kitting the WARLOCK on the Delica

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how the WARLOCK body kit goes on the Delica D5: Here you can see our managers carefully kittiing the over fenders on the D5. The matte black body kit with the white body color makes it even more eye-catching. You can place an order for the WARLOCK

Sleek Black 4×4’s

At our latest Sabae branch, we have the WARLOCK Style Delica D5 with the Skycamp 2.0 mounted and the BK Style Hilux with the Skycamp Mini mounted on display! Come by our shop so you can see and try hopping in the cars yourself! We look forward to seeing you.

Takahiro Miyake’s Delica!

We are still planning the next production with Mr. Miyake, the pro bass angler, but before we know it…. The Delica D5 Demo Car for Mr. Miyake was completed! Here are some behind the scenes pictures: And the completed version~ The completed model looks awesome! The WARLOCK body kit is coated with the tuff coat,

Delica’s Seats

With spring coming around the corner, we looked up the Sakura bloom timing for Hyogo Prefecture, where we are. Seems like it will be around late March to early April! While we look forward to the Sakura viewing, we have the Delica seats to talk about. Look at what happens when we try to fold

Special Custom Request

We received a special custom request on the Delica D5 at our Sabae Branch! The request was for the WARLOCK over fender to be kitted on the Delica D5: This includes other maker options as well, making it a unique ride for its owner. For any car custom inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Want a Delica D5?

Come to our Tsuchiyama Branch! We have not only the regular Delica D5, but also customized versions: This is our BK Style~ And this is our BK Style 2 with the over fender kitted. This over fender accommodates the Japanese vehicle inspection standards, so no worries there. The WARLOCK body kit is also a popular

Delica Campaign

Available until the end of March: the Delica D5 No Interest Rate Campaign! This is for New Delica Cars, including the following styles: From the WARLOCK style, NOMAD Camper, and BK Style, these are all eligible for the campaign! Contact us for more information at Tsuchiyama Branch~

Let’s Go Camping~

With the cold subsiding, the camping season is on its way! With the iKamper mounted on the Delica D5, you can enjoy your time with nature, fishing or having BBQ with friends and family. The iKamper roof top tent is a great way to camp outdoors with a simple set up right on top of

March Has Begun!

Hello from Tsuchiyama Branch! We’ve finally mounted the Skycamp 2.0 on top of the Delica D5, so if you’re near by feel free to come by for a look 😉 We also have the No Interest Rate Campaign for the D3lica D5 with limited numbers! For more information, please contact us. Hurry! Only 3 cars