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Exhibited cars at Tsuchiyama store

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The state of emergency has been extended in Hyogo prefecture.I feel that AUTOBACS on the weekend is also quiet.By the way, the other day, I replaced the vehicle. Jimny Sierra with ARB specifications WARLOCK specification Delica D5 that you will see first with Dawn when you enter the entrance of AUTOBACS MCLIMB Complete

One after another warehousing

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s been September since yesterday, but unfortunately the rain and humidity cause my hair to swell today.By the way, Delica is being stocked one after another at the Tsuchiyama store. Delica. Delica .DelicaThe roof racks of GOQBUTO-R and BUSTERS are popular.For Delica, leave it to Weed Tsuchiyama store.We look forward to your visit

Delica seat cover

Weed Tsuchiyama store.I’ve been eating fruits a lot lately, but autumn fruits are really delicious pears, grapes, and melons. They’re sweet and delicious, so I’ll eat as much as I want. Be careful not to overeat.By the way, today August ends tomorrow to September.From September, Tuesday and Wednesday will be closed on the Tsuchiyama store,

Tsuchiyama store YouTube shooting

Weed Tsuchiyama store.August will end tomorrowIn Hyogo prefecture, the summer fireworks display was just canceled, but there seems to be a place to hold it in winter.By the way, today was a YouTube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store! About the long-awaited new delicatessen wheel.Look forward to it If Shibata is also adopted, only half of

Only a few left in August

Weed Tsuchiyama store.August 3rd …The weather is nice today as wellI feel like floating in the sea.By the way, the beige delicatessen on display at the Tsuchiyama storeIt’s like going to imitate something. I don’t even know what will change and come backI wonder if I’ll be back tomorrow I’m looking forward to coming backI

Tsuchiyama store in Delica

Weed Tsuchiyama store.By the way, one frame at today’s Tsuchiyama store,I took a voyeur of Mr. Shibata who was taking a picture of the exhibition car Delica. The outer circumference photograph taken by Mr. Shibata is on the car sensor of the Tsuchiyama store.The plant in the middle is also growing quickly.The Tsuchiyama store is


Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s getting hot again recently.It will be September in 4 days. It’s really early.By the way, the other day, I attached it to the Delica on display.Auto Flags GOQBUTO-R / Black This is a popular bumper guard, we are painted this silver part in black Yeah, it feels good.It’s even cooler.It is on

New video on the Tsuchiyama youtube channel

Weed Tsuchiyama storeBy the way, I posted the state of YouTube shooting on my blog before, but the YouTube of how to install WARLOCK that I was shooting at that time is up.On the day of shooting, there was a lot of lightning and rain, and I remembered that AUTOBACS had a power outage. Have

FJ Cruiser roof rack installation

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The wind is strong today, probably because of the typhoon.By the way, today, I will deliver the situation at the main store.This is a must-see for owners who want to put iKamper on the FJ Cruiser. I will install the front runner roof rack on the FJ Cruiser Since the roof of FJ

Delica tire & wheel replacement

Weed Tsuchiyama storeBy the way, the Delica on display at the Tsuchiyama store,The other day, I replaced the tires and wheels. Popular Delta Force / OVAL & TOYO TIRES OPEN COUNTRY R / T 235 / 70R16 The cool atmosphere changes completely. It is on display at the showroom of the Tsuchiyama store.We look forward