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Tsuchiyama store YouTube shooting

This is Weed Tsuchiyama store.September is almost over, but it’s still hot.It’s cold in the morning and evening, but it’s hot during the day, and there is a temperature difference, so please be careful not to spoil your physical condition.By the way, I shot a video for YouTube today. Please look forward to the content.It

I installed it in the interior of the exhibition car Delica.

This is Weed Tsuchiyama store.Was everyone okay with the typhoon the other day?Was there any damage caused by rain and wind?The other day, I installed SPY RACING NET and Drive Mode Selector ring on the Delica of Tsuchiyama store. SPY RACING NET/Camouflage generally Drive Mode Selector ringIt will be a little accent and change the

SKYCAMP2.0 on display at Weed Sabae store will be on sale

A typhoon is approaching.Everyone, please ensure your safety as soon as possible.As the title suggests, we had an exhibition at the Weed Sabae store.We will be selling “SKYCAMP2.0 black”.The price is 416,000 yen (tax included) List price 547,800 yen※free shipping.*Installation fee, base carrier, etc. are charged separately.It is quite profitable.Please purchase as soon as possible.For

Tsuchiyama store was delivered on YouTube

This is Weed Tsuchiyama store.It is a typhoon today.Please refrain from going out unnecessarily.The other day, the Tsuchiyama store’s YouTube was delivered.Did you see it! ? This time, it’s a fun YouTube with lots of information about the custom parts of the Delica and the impressions of the female staff who actually rode it.Also, this


Japan’s largest outdoor vehicle festival『VEHICLE STYLE FUN MEETING』A new connection between car play and outdoor playWith the spread of SNS, various exchanges are spreading on the Internet.Even so, we are holding events in search of new encounters and discoveries.FAN (enthusiast) = FUN (enjoy)From online to offline real connections.We will exhibit as iKamper Japan, a BIG

DERICA D5 Weed Original Paints

Weed Tsuchiyama’s already mid septemberIt’s getting cooler in the morning and evening, but it’s still hot during the daywhen will it get coolerThis time, I would like to introduce the outer paint of the Delica D5. Warlock/army green color BK STYLE/army green color Warlock/smoky blue *Please note that there were no photos of the

Weed Tsuchiyama store

it’s hot todayHighest temperature everI hope autumn comes soonIn the midst of this, when I took a photo of the stubborn Delica, she went outside, so I secretly followed her and took a sneak shot of Nami taking a picture. Today was a normal day, but I usually shoot in an amazing position.Well, the weather

Delica Warlock installation

This is Weed Tsuchiyama store.The lingering summer heat has eased little by little, and it has become a comfortable season.It’s getting darker and earlier these days, so please drive carefully and drive safely.Anyway, this time I installed the Warlock parts of the Delica D5. This was my first time installing it and it took about

Delica Custom Weed Sabae store.

Today, I changed the grill of Delica D:5 and installed the gokubuto.It will be a picture after completion suddenly,·whole ・Dealer option blackout grill ・Dealer option blackout fog lamp garnish ・Dealer option blackout clearance lamp garnish ・Autoflags Gokubuto R? ·whole If it is a dealer option, it will be glossy black.We are waiting for your custom

price cut

Weed head office.Miki City, where the Weed head office is located, has been very sunny and hot.This is good news.We sell Delica leather seat covers and Hustler leather seat covers at a special price. ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ Delica D: 5 exclusive leather seat cover for the previous termIt’s black with silver stitching and is very cute.For 7-seater/8-seater.It