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Renewal of the exhibition car

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Is the rainy season already over? Hot days will continue ~ It’s the influence of the La Niña phenomenonPlease be careful about heat stroke.By the way, this week, the exhibition car is steadily. .. It was fleshed out.First of all, it is the installation of the bumper guard GOQBUTO / R made by

Hyogo Mitsubishi EXPO

Weed Tsuchiyama storeToday, I am participating in the Hyogo Mitsubishi EXPO being held at the Ikawadani head office of Mr. Hyogo Mitsubishi.The top tent of ikamper is placed on the Outlander phev and displayed. Every time I go to an event, I get popular comments from small children to adults, saying “cool” and “wider than

What is a new car complete car?

Delica D5, which is especially popular with those who enjoy the outdoorsIt is a new car complete model that has been well received, but let’s review it a little.First of all, what is a new car complete model? I will explain it for those who think.A new car complete model is a new car that

Tsuchiyama store Youtube shooting was done.

Tsuchiyama store Youtube shooting was done.Weed Tsuchiyama storeUnfortunately it’s raining today.Rainy days are likely to continue from next week.Anyway, I took a Youtube shot the day before.Did you watch the video during this time?If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look. It will be delivered at a later date.Please look forward to the

If you really enjoy the outdoors, if you really enjoy the outdoors, Delica D5

The one and only minivan “DELICA D: 5” equipped with a crocodile elementIt’s this place, but when you look at it by pulling it, it’s like this. There are traces of camping, but it is not a campsite.It is absolutely impossible to come this far with an ordinary minivan.Seen from the car side, it looks

Weed Tsuchiyama store Youtube update

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?It’s been hot days lately, but today it’s a cool and comfortable climate.Anyway, the video of Tsuchiyama store was updated on Youtube the day before.We explain in detail the custom parts of Delica WARLOCK specification and BK style specification.There is also an interesting farce towards

It is a great deal

Delica and Hustler deals Delica D: 5 H24.7 to H31.1 model exclusive 8-seater MCLIMB original seat cover / blackThe list price is 86,900 yen (tax included), but the limited quantity special price is 43,500 yen (tax included).Installation wages and shipping charges are not included.It will end as soon as the specified number is reached. Hustler

Outer paint

Weed Tsuchiyama storeIt’s been a rainy season, but it’s been extremely hot these days.Please spend your time with self-love.Anyway, this time I would like to introduce Delica’s outer paint.With outer paint, a part of the original color is intentionally left, and the body color change is realized by leaving the paint on the inner part.

weed Tsuchiyama store

weed Tsuchiyama storeWe installed the eye camper on display at the AUTOBACS Festival from the beginning of the morning. It’s a very hot dayThe heat of the day and the heat of the festival are likely to cause burns. There are some people who feel like they’re done.It’s just the beginning today, right?The eye camper

Raptor liner

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It seems that there are many places where the maximum temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius today.Summer is just around the corner.Let’s keep hydrating diligentlyBy the way, this is the Outlander Do you know Raptor Liner Paint?Raptor liner is a paint made of highly durable urethane material.It has excellent durability and is ideal for