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Cleaning for delivery

Delivered from Weed Main StoreIt is a pattern of interior cleaning for delivery of the 185 surf ordered by the customer. Remove the mat, remove sand and dirt, and wash the mat thoroughly. Thoroughly clean, vacuum and dry.It will take two or three full days.Because it is an old car, we will carefully clean it,

Weed main store, parking lot this week’s lucky offer

Delivered from the weed head officeThis week’s topic is setting up new customer parking and this week’s luckyoffer.↓ ↓ weed We have set up a space for three cars in front of the main store. The number is listed on each block Lucky offer this week Hilux Surf 185, XC style, nose bra, roof carrier,

185 Surf Custom

Weed main store.It’s a perfect day for a holiday with 399 good weather today.Thank you for visiting us today.Mr. Y from Tokyo who came to the store as a customWe had you come to the store for 10 hours in the traffic jam.As for the custom contents, we customized the interior lining of the surf.

185 Surf Wood Decal

Weed main storeToday is information about 185 Surf, which is a little different from the others. Vehicle type Hilux Surf Model year 1996 Style 4Runner style Mileage 160,000km Body color beige It was coolI put a wood decal on the beige 185 surf.The price etc. have not been decided yet, so we will inform you

Weed head office staff introduction

Weed main store.It’s Golden Week from today, but unfortunately it’s raining, but the Weed head office is still open.The Weed head office will be closed on Thursday, May 5th and Friday, May 6th.And two new staff members have arrived at the Weed main store. Currently training at stores on Saturdays and SundaysI am planning to

New exhibition vehicle

Weed Sabae store.The other day, a new exhibition vehicle has joined the Sabae store. 185 Surf Marrakech BrownH12 model year 138,000km It comes with Nardi, which is hard to get now. The vehicle body price will be 1.98 million yen.For inquiries, please contact the Weed Sabae store.

We will hold an instagram

Every Sunday’s annual instagramIt will be held from 18:00 on the 20th (Sun), so we are waiting for a lot of viewing.

YouTube shooting

Today is the shooting day for Mr. TatchanMr.Tatchan have a good face. Checking the camera It was a fun shootstay tunedComing Soon

How to play cool 185

Weed main store.It’s getting warmer little by littleIt feels like spring is just around the cornerWhen spring comes, I would like to go to a photo session again.By the way, I received a fun photo from a customer who came to change the oil yesterday. It’s nice to ride in a fashionable city in a

First choice of Colorado for Blumeta

Weed main store.Recently, the number of people coming and going is increasing.Today I put Colorado in a blue metallic vehicle for the first time. good atmosphereGood lookingYokohama Geolandar is also shining Whether the seat cover should be red or brownI’m at a lossWeed style can be made according to your preferencePlease feel free to tell