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Red Narrow Body Surf!

Just before our Golden Week holiday, we have a new narrow body Surf come in! Take a look at this red 4Runner Style Surf! TOYOTA front grille no rear tire sparkly rims What more could you ask for? This 2002 Surf only has 77k km mileage on it too!! Interested? Give us a shout by

Hilux Surf XC Style: Beige

Back due to popular demand: the beige Hilux Surf 185 seires in XC Style! This 185 Surf has its body painted in all beige, fenders painted matte black, and kitted with DEAN Cross Country rims. The interior has also been redone to match with the exterior: Of course, the main part of our interior custom

Completed Custom for Mr. Y’s 185 Surf

Mr. Y requested our BK interior package custom and we delivered! Now his interior looks as sleek as the exterior of the 185 Hilux Surf. Next on his list: lift up custom! We look forward to your next request~

The 2 Tone Surf

At our Sabae branch, our 2 Tone Surf is on display for you all to see! View from the side… Along with the 2 Tone Color feature, it of course has been lifted up and kitted with new rims and tires. The 4-prong dual W muffler was also kitted. If you’re in the area, feel

In the Works

At our garage, we make sure everything is neatly in its place. When we customize any part, we take everything apart to make sure the paint and every wire is in the right place. When the part has been customized, we put it back neatly: The upholstery here is black leather, part of our interior

A Narrow Hilux Surf

We have a new addition to the showroom: Say hi to the Champion Yellow Surf! This has a slightly lighter yellow tone than our usual yellow paint, but it sets off a very unique feel. Kitted with DEAN cross country rims and BFGoodrich tires, it’s a perfect match with the US fender arch mold on

Paint Options on the Surf!

Since spring has arrived, how about we add some color~ Check out our various colors on the Surf! We have blue, red, yellow, and more. Other colors are also available on request, so feel free to make a request 🙂 Which one do you like best? Let us know 😉

Hilux Surf in LA Style

It’s raining today at the showroom, but we are still hard at work! Allow me to introduce the latest addition to our showroom: This BK Style Hilux Surf has an extra twinkle in the chrome bumper and rims Not to mention the crisp clean interior The vehicle specs are as follows:Hilux Surf 185 series: LA

Updates at Sabae Branch

We had a sunny day yesterday, giving us a good chance to wash our cars on display! The pollen and dust makes the cars look old, so it’s all shiny and looks like new after a good wash: We look forward to your visit at our shop!

Leather Seat Covers for the 185 Hilux Surf!

Good evening from Mclimb/Weed HQ! The 185 Surf is becoming a limited item, but remains popular here in Japan. Here at Mclimb/Weed, we not only take care of the exterior, we also look at the interior! From seat covers to upholsteries, here are a few samples of what we can do for you: We have