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Hilux exhibition car

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s kind of warm today.I can spend time without a jacket.By the way, the Hilux on display at the Tsuchiyama storeBK style with tough liner specifications. It’s cool, isn’t it … HiluxThe construction contents of the tough liner specification・ Bonnet garnish・ Front grill garnish・ Front bumper garnish・ Rear bumper (left and right) Rough

Delica D: 5 Nomad Camper Specifications

Weed Sabae store.Today, I would like to introduce the vehicles on display at the Weed Sabae store. Delica D: 5 Nomad camper specification.Sky camp is also attached to Delica, so you can actually ride and experience it. Near Delica, there is also an eye camper kitchen tool from the same manufacturer as Sky Camp.Since the

Sierra magazine shoot

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The other day, the ARB spec Sierra on display at the Tsuchiyama store went to shoot a magazine. Wheel shooting blushNITRO POWER M10 PERSHING J1660 -5Simple but sporty The shooting day is very nice and the blue sky and Sierra look really good.And tomorrow’s Tsuchiyama store will shoot YouTubeI will post the shooting

Weed is also in Fukui prefecture.

Weed Sabae store.We always receive many inquiries about cars.Thank you very much.The Weed Sabae store is located inside the AUTOBACS Sabae store in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Look for the big weed sign at the entrance.Many customers from outside the prefecture in the neighborhood also come to the store, but many of them have recently

185 Surf again …

Weed main storeI thought it was a warm day until a while agoSomehow it suddenly cooled down, and the winter scent became stronger.Please be careful about your physical condition.By the way, the ever-popular 185 surfAnd the number is gradually decreasing 185 surfSo, when I took a picture again, I realized how cool it was. It’s

Exhibit car replacement

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s getting really coldI was washing my car in the morning, but it was too cold and my hands were biting.What would happen in winter if it were so cold now? Well, at the recent Tsuchiyama store, the exhibition vehicles have been replaced. New Hilux Z BK styleHilux with tough liner construction on

Instagram from 18:00 on 10/24 (Sun)

The guest will appear for the first time in a while from 18:00 on October 24th (Sunday), which is scheduled for the next Weed Instagram.We will spend an hour happily with Tatchan and the guests, so we look forward to seeing you a lot.

Popular Land Cruiser Prado

Weed Sabae store.The popular Land Cruiser Prado is on display at the Weed Sabae store. Powerful Prado with over fender, lift-up, and matte black finishWe are exhibiting at the Weed Sabae store, so we look forward to your visit.

Weed Main Store in custom 185 surf

Weed main storeIt’s been a very cold season in the morning and evening.The other day, on the first day when it got cold at a stretch, the manager of the main store “Tatchan” went to work with short sleeves for some reason.While saying regret while saying that it was cold, the next day he was


Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s cold today and winter is approaching, isn’t it?It is early.By the way, today I will show you the installation scenery after painting the silver part of GOQBUTO-R. Here is the state with the silver part removed. The painted parts will be installed like this.Silver is cool enough, but black makes it even