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Stylish 4×4 Rims

At Mclimb/Weed, we our very own original rims! First up, we have the KANONE rims: They come in 3 colors: Chrome Black Clear And Matte Black Clear (MBK) Second, the ASTRO rims in 2 colors: Matte Black and Matte Gloss These are all on display at our showroom, so feel free to come by for

Prado Custom Request

We kitted our KANONE rims and BFGoodrich tires on a pearl Prado! The chrome color matches well with the pearl body color, don’t you agree? The customer also had their eyes set on these rims even before getting the Prado, so they were very happy with the purchase and the change. If you are looking

Fukui Broadcast Event

We had a filming session the other day at Fukui Prefecture, Japan! One of our customer’s Prado was used for the filming. It was kitted with the Skycamp 2.0, KANONE rims, and lift up suspension coils. The original Weed license frame was also used, giving it an even more special look. The team was working

Introducing the FJ Cruiser at Sabae Branch

A chilly morning, but it warmed up later in the day allowing us to wash the cars on display. The front grille and Mclimb original over fender is painted matte black. Wheels kitted are KANONE 20 inch in Black Clear with a -10 offset. If we didn’t have the over fender, we would not be

Mclimb KANONE on the 4Runner!

Just the beginning~

New Beige BK Style Surf 215

Meet the latest BK Style in beige!

Mid Model Land Cruiser Prado in Stock

Land Cruiser Prado on display at our showroom today!