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SUP Delivery Rental Pictures

We received some awesome pictures from customers who rented our SUP Delivery Rental Service! They enjoyed the feeling of fall with the cool breeze on the water. A perfect day to go “canoeing” outdoors. Seems like they enjoyed it so much, they’ll use our services again if the opportunity comes! Mclimb Co., Ltd is host

Bass Fishing with the D5

On the latest OUTDOOR magazine, we went to Biwa Lake! OUTDOOR magazine is known in Japan as the car life magazine for those who enjoys the outdoors. In this edition, the theme is “Fishing with the D5”. Do you enjoy fishing? If so, give us a call or visit us for advice on how you

The Skycamp Mini on the New Hilux

Take a look at what we have on the new Hilux! The Skycamp MINI!! You can pack a lot for your next outing in this set up! Give us a call or visit us about either the Hilux, the iKamper tent, or BOTH 😀