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Thinking about “connecting camp and disaster prevention”, a place for exchanging information on rooftop tents Recommended for people like this■ I’m curious about rooftop tents, but I want to see things from various manufacturers.■ I want to interact with other people about how I use the roof tent■ Think about the connection between camp and

Today is the final

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Delica, Delica, DelicaSpeaking of Delica, Weed Tsuchiyama storeCustomers who are considering Delica because tax exemption will be removed from AprilDelica campaign is underway until today I’m still in time todayFor more information, please contact Weed Tsuchiyama store or Weed Sabae store. Delica on display at the Tsuchiyama store.You can also see the inside,

Instagram held

Every Sunday’s annual instagramToday 27th (Sun) will be held from 18:00, so we look forward to seeing you a lot.


March 1st Advance reservation startsPlease feel free to contact our dealers nationwide.iKamper Japan Distributor

Hilux is fun

The Hilux is becoming more and more popular due to the tailwind of the outdoor boom.The number of inquiries is also increasing. Hilux revived in 2017.Toyota pickup truck.Considering the total length of over 5 meters and the registration of 1 number, the hurdle to purchase is not low.Still, I think the reason for its popularity


Weed main store.Today, we received a delivery of “Pomelo” from a customer who rides on 185 Surf. The moment you open the cardboard lid, it has a wonderful scent.I would like the staff to make it delicious.Thank you always. This is the pomelo I received, but it is made at “Ogushi Farm” in Kochi Prefecture.Check

Weed Sabae store campaign is being carried out

Weed Sabae store.Currently, the Weed Sabae store is conducting an interest-free campaign for the 90-series Land Cruiser Prado. It is a very profitable campaign, although some conditions are required to make an interest-free loan.Please contact the Weed Sabae store staff for details. The target vehicle is on display in front of the entrance of the

First choice of Colorado for Blumeta

Weed main store.Recently, the number of people coming and going is increasing.Today I put Colorado in a blue metallic vehicle for the first time. good atmosphereGood lookingYokohama Geolandar is also shining Whether the seat cover should be red or brownI’m at a lossWeed style can be made according to your preferencePlease feel free to tell

Today is the last day of Prado’s interest-free campaign

Weed Sabae store.By the way, although it is a time when the temperature changes drastically and it is easy to get sick, we are doing well today with good physical condition management.Today is the last day of Land Cruiser Prado’s interest-free campaign. I’m still in time todayFor inquiries, please contact Weed Main Store, Tsuchiyama Store,

Campaign is still in time

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s the middle day of three consecutive holidaysThe weather is nice, and I think there are many people going out somewhere.By the way, the February campaign is full.It’s still in time.First of all, Delica campaign Limited to 10 unitsGet a digital inner mirror and dashcamSince the number is limited before it is exempt