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FJ Cruiser roof rack installation

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The wind is strong today, probably because of the typhoon.By the way, today, I will deliver the situation at the main store.This is a must-see for owners who want to put iKamper on the FJ Cruiser. I will install the front runner roof rack on the FJ Cruiser Since the roof of FJ

FJ Cruiser lift up

Weed Sabae store.I would like to introduce the lift-up installation that was completed following the carrier installation the other day. After all FJ Cruiser is cool when the vehicle height risesBy the way, before raising … You can see that it is up even if you look at the picture.Thank you for your request for

FJ Cruiser Custom

Weed Sabae store.It’s going to be sunny and hot again today.Meanwhile, I attached a roof rack to the FJ Cruiser.Before At the same time, I received a request for a lift-up, so I would like to introduce it on my blog again when it is over.

New FJ Cruiser in LA Style

We have a new FJ Cruiser in the showroom! Take a look: Kitted with 20 inch KANONE black clear rims, Mclimb fenders, and stainless steel tube steps, this FJ is looking larger than life. As for the interior… ALPINE navigation and red leather seat covers! With this new addition, we now have 3 FJ Cruisers

Our Latest FJ Cruiser~

This smokey blue Fj Cruiser came in on a rainy day, with cool customs as always. The Kanone rims are painted matte black to match with the lower body paint: The interior is also cleaned up for the next owner~ Vehicle Information:2013 FJ Cruiser in Smokey BlueMileage: 79,000 kmVehicle Price: 3,580,000 yen This FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser Original Fender

Just another regular day delivering our original FJ Cruiser over fender to our customer! The Mclimb original over fender to give it a wider look. The all body paint and rims are all custom choices by the customer that they did themselves~ The fenders safely arrived and the customer had no trouble installing it on

New Items Available!

A Mclimb original diff drop kit is released! Available for 2 vehicle models: the FJ Cruiser & Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series. Since we often lift up our cars, the drive shaft boot would shoulder a lot of the weight. Having the diff drop kit helps off-load that burden and increase the life-span of your

FJ Custom Completed!

Our customer had us add a custom to his FJ Cruiser (that he also bought with us). Here, we added the grille guard and rear glass decal! We made the FJ into an awesome ride like our customer wanted. If you ever want to change the look of your FJ Cruiser, feel free to let

Introducing the FJ Cruiser at Sabae Branch

A chilly morning, but it warmed up later in the day allowing us to wash the cars on display. The front grille and Mclimb original over fender is painted matte black. Wheels kitted are KANONE 20 inch in Black Clear with a -10 offset. If we didn’t have the over fender, we would not be

Mclimb/Weed Sabae Branch Opening Soon!

Big news! Our new Sabae Branch in Fukui is scheduled to open on the 18th this month! (18/10/2020) The display cars have arrived at their location, and we only have some last minute touches left before the grand opening. We have the latest Hilux model, the Delica D5, and more! Of course, we have the