The 2 Tone Surf

At our Sabae branch, our 2 Tone Surf is on display for you all to see! View from the side… Along with the 2 Tone Color feature, it of course has been lifted up and kitted with new rims and tires. The 4-prong dual W muffler was also kitted. If you’re in the area, feel

Lift Up Suspension

At our garage, we regularly handle customers’ requests for lift up on their 4×4’s. This includes fitting suspension coils! From the genuine Land Cruiser suspension coils to our original Mclimb lift up suspension coils~ Just the gold color of the coils give a more sophisticated feel to the custom. With this high quality suspension lift,

Land Cruiser Prado MBK Style

As the weather gets warmer, we’ve had to adjust a few things, but the popularity of our Prado remains the same. Check out or MBK Style for the Land Cruiser Prado 150 series! From the front grille to the rims, everything is new and Mclimb originals~ It even has lift up suspension kits and over

The Delica’s Interior

Our Tsuchiyama Branch is specialized in the Delica D5’s interior as well as its exterior. Check out these pictures: The leather seat covers seat covers over the original fabric seats give a more sleek feel to the ride. We have the leather seat covers available in black with silver stitches, giving a high quality look.

Kitting the WARLOCK on the Delica

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how the WARLOCK body kit goes on the Delica D5: Here you can see our managers carefully kittiing the over fenders on the D5. The matte black body kit with the white body color makes it even more eye-catching. You can place an order for the WARLOCK

New FJ Cruiser in LA Style

We have a new FJ Cruiser in the showroom! Take a look: Kitted with 20 inch KANONE black clear rims, Mclimb fenders, and stainless steel tube steps, this FJ is looking larger than life. As for the interior… ALPINE navigation and red leather seat covers! With this new addition, we now have 3 FJ Cruisers

The Skycamp on Which Car?

We’ve had various enquiries about whether the Skycamp can be mounted on this car or that car. So we decided to show you an example of the car we have mounted the Skycamp on. Here’s the Skycamp on the Step Wagon! Other than this model, we of course have the Skycamp on the Delica D5

Sabae Branch Tour

Since our latest Sabae branch opened a few months back, we haven’t had a chance to properly show you around the showroom. We have the Prado… And Mclimb original rim options available And a TV showing previous episodes of Ta-channel is playing in the background: It’s has a relaxing atmosphere and you can look around

Sleek Black 4×4’s

At our latest Sabae branch, we have the WARLOCK Style Delica D5 with the Skycamp 2.0 mounted and the BK Style Hilux with the Skycamp Mini mounted on display! Come by our shop so you can see and try hopping in the cars yourself! We look forward to seeing you.

In the Works

At our garage, we make sure everything is neatly in its place. When we customize any part, we take everything apart to make sure the paint and every wire is in the right place. When the part has been customized, we put it back neatly: The upholstery here is black leather, part of our interior