Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.

Recently, the exhibition car in the Weed Sabae store has changed a little. Prado and Delica will welcome you when you enter the entrance of the Weed Sabae store. We are waiting for many visitors.

Delica in Weed Tsuchiyama store

It seems that a typhoon is approaching OkinawaI feel that the typhoon will occur late this year.If you live in Okinawa, please be careful.By the way, the other day, I received a custom request, so I installed it. This is also the popular GOQBUTO-RIt gets cooler at once, isn’t it, Mr. Gokubuto?I also installed a

Jinmy sierra in Weed Tsuchiyama store

When I washed the car hot today, my clothes were sweaty and messyI’m glad I brought my clothes around todayBy the way, since the lycan is gone, there is a new exhibition car at the Tsuchiyama store. Jimny Sierra is joining the showroom in the storeYou can also see the inside of the car, so

Hilux inWeed Tsuchiyama store

The other day, I replaced the front grill of the Hilux on display. It was here before the replacement. The TOYOTA grill is getting cooler, isn’t it? And the LED light on the grill is the light. If you point it at the camera during the lighting test, just look at the camera.I got a

I’m Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store

I have had a heat stroke once, but I have memories that were more painful than the flu, so I will do my best while hydrating diligently.By the way, I would like to introduce the 185 Surf Mooneyes steering wheel that I installed the other day. Although it will be a picture from the middle,

Delica mud flap at Weed Sabae store!

thank you very much for your custom request from many customers at the sabae store. today I installed a mud flap on the Delica D: 5 WALOCK specification that was delivered last month! !! Adding a mud flap will increase the feeling of off-road! !! Thank you for your additional order for the Busters Roof

Delica in tsuchiyama store

New car Delica arrived to our store. it is not a customize yet but we look forward to customizing it .we are happy to accept custom request. please feel free to contact us.

Customizing the Hilux

We’ve been busy at our main branch customizing the Hilux for our customer! If you already have a car and you want it customized later, we are happy to be of service. For any custom requests or advice, feel free to contact us~

Electronic Side Step

Good day from our Sabae Branch! We’ve had a request to install the Auto Flags electronic side step on the Delica D5! We took care in removing the necessary parts for the installation… And took care to check that the electronic steps are working properly~ And done! For any other additions or customs, feel free

YouTube Photoshoot at Tsuchiyama

We had a photoshoot for how to install the WARLOCK Body Kit for the Delica D5!! Starting with just the front grille, the vibe changed drastically.We even took care with installing the lights~ We will showcase the pictures later once they are ready! Please look forward to more updates about the WARLOCK body kit installation!