Mounting the Rod Holder

At our Tsuchiyama Branch, we just finished mounting the rod holder for our customer. This can hold your fishing rods for your outdoor trips in an organized and convenient way. Here are some pictures of the mounting~ And the finished product: Clears up the luggage space and makes the most efficient use of the roof

Prado in BK Style+

Before we know it, March is coming to an end. With that the bugs in Japan has also come out by the dozen! We hope you are all being careful, with everything that is going on. Now, with no further delay, introducing the Prado interior pictures. To start, this is for the Prado BK Style

A Narrow Hilux Surf

We have a new addition to the showroom: Say hi to the Champion Yellow Surf! This has a slightly lighter yellow tone than our usual yellow paint, but it sets off a very unique feel. Kitted with DEAN cross country rims and BFGoodrich tires, it’s a perfect match with the US fender arch mold on

Land Cruiser Power

The Land Cruiser has always been a favorite among offroaders with its powerful engine. Not to mention how mean looking it is: The front face gives an intimidating look and the engine gives a powerful roar. Currently on display at our Tsuchiyama branch, you can come by for a closer look or you can ask

The Prado 95 in Beige

Look what spring brought in at Sabae Branch: A classic Prado 95! Fitted with the DEAN Cross Country rims and new BFGoodrich tires~ Feel free to contact or visit us if you are interested!

Paint Options on the Surf!

Since spring has arrived, how about we add some color~ Check out our various colors on the Surf! We have blue, red, yellow, and more. Other colors are also available on request, so feel free to make a request 🙂 Which one do you like best? Let us know 😉

Takahiro Miyake’s Delica!

We are still planning the next production with Mr. Miyake, the pro bass angler, but before we know it…. The Delica D5 Demo Car for Mr. Miyake was completed! Here are some behind the scenes pictures: And the completed version~ The completed model looks awesome! The WARLOCK body kit is coated with the tuff coat,

Sabae Branch Day Off

Good day from Sabae Branch! I’m Nishioka! Just a brief announcement that we will be closed tomorrow (March 22). Please take this into account when thinking of visiting us. Thank you.

Hilux Surf in LA Style

It’s raining today at the showroom, but we are still hard at work! Allow me to introduce the latest addition to our showroom: This BK Style Hilux Surf has an extra twinkle in the chrome bumper and rims Not to mention the crisp clean interior The vehicle specs are as follows:Hilux Surf 185 series: LA

Changing the Jeep’s Rear Bumper

At our Tsuchiyama Branch, we are still customizing the JEEP! We’re using the rear bumper by JEPPESEN today: The one with the number plate under the rear tire is the original bumper… Replace it with the JEPPESEN rear bumper and you get a tactical rear bumper~ The number plate is to the right of the