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FJ Cruiser Original Fender

Just another regular day delivering our original FJ Cruiser over fender to our customer! The Mclimb original over fender to give it a wider look. The all body paint and rims are all custom choices by the customer that they did themselves~ The fenders safely arrived and the customer had no trouble installing it on

Customization Completed!

We kitted our original body kit WARLOCK on a customer’s Delica D5! We installed the front grille this time. We finally got it done after a long wait 😀 This customer lives far from our showroom, and started driving at 3 AM just to get here! We really appreciate you coming all the way to

FJ Custom Completed!

Our customer had us add a custom to his FJ Cruiser (that he also bought with us). Here, we added the grille guard and rear glass decal! We made the FJ into an awesome ride like our customer wanted. If you ever want to change the look of your FJ Cruiser, feel free to let

SUP Delivery Rental Pictures

We received some awesome pictures from customers who rented our SUP Delivery Rental Service! They enjoyed the feeling of fall with the cool breeze on the water. A perfect day to go “canoeing” outdoors. Seems like they enjoyed it so much, they’ll use our services again if the opportunity comes! Mclimb Co., Ltd is host

Customer Pictures: Skycamp 2.0 on the Delica D5

We received wonderful pictures from our customers a few days ago! With autumn leaves starting to fall, it was a picturesque location. THe response from overseas was that it was so cool! 😀 Thank you again for the pictures and enjoy your Skycamp camping!

Customer Experience with the Skycamp Mini

Despite the strong winds that day, our customer successfully set up the Skycamp Mini and awning for their trip! A wonderful set up from every angle~ The food for the camping trip was also excellently made The camp fire, night view, and atmosphere was just what camping was supposed to be. This is the complete

Pictures of the X-Cover from Our Customer!

Thank you for sending us this picture update!

Picture from Our Customer

iKamper Camping from Our Customer!

Mounting the Skycamp 2.0

The Skycamp nicely mounted for a dedicated customer!

Morning Camping~

Some fresh air with a fantastic view on the Skycamp.