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FJ Custom Completed!

Our customer had us add a custom to his FJ Cruiser (that he also bought with us). Here, we added the grille guard and rear glass decal! We made the FJ into an awesome ride like our customer wanted. If you ever want to change the look of your FJ Cruiser, feel free to let

The New Hilux Grade Z

Now on display in front of our showroom: the new Hilux Grade Z! The Grade X was awesome, but the face of the Grade Z is even more impressive~ Not only that, but it has that chrome shine ~* The rear and interior is also very neat and crisp. This HIlux Grade Z Complete Model

Mclimb KANONE on the 4Runner!

Just the beginning~

The New Hilux X Lifted Up

This Hilux is in between custom work! Find out what the suspension lift looks like when using our original Mclimb suspension coils.

An American 4Runner!

Check it out!

Customs on the 215 Surf Completed!

Another satisfied customer~