Monthly Archives: November 2020

Customization Completed!

We kitted our original body kit WARLOCK on a customer’s Delica D5! We installed the front grille this time. We finally got it done after a long wait 😀 This customer lives far from our showroom, and started driving at 3 AM just to get here! We really appreciate you coming all the way to

Full Model Change for the Land Cruiser Prado!?

There’s been talk of a full model change for the Land Cruiser Prado, estimated to come out some time in 2022. But what will be changed? We don’t know the details, but we like to imagine that it would be a gasoline turbo AT engine. We’re excited to see the specs for the new model

New Items Available!

A Mclimb original diff drop kit is released! Available for 2 vehicle models: the FJ Cruiser & Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series. Since we often lift up our cars, the drive shaft boot would shoulder a lot of the weight. Having the diff drop kit helps off-load that burden and increase the life-span of your

December Is Almost Here

This year is coming to an end before we know it! Time passes by quickly here at our showroom~ It might be a bit early, but we already put up the lights in front of our showroom the other night. It might be a bit difficult to see from the picture, but that’s about it

New Product Announcement

After our introduction of the Delica D5 G-Power PKG the other day, we have a new upgrade available. THe BK Style Rally Art Ver. is now on display at our Tsuchiyama Branch! Mounted the RALLI ART KOBE 16 inch aluminum wheels on the all black BK style finish~ The concave 5 holes design, with the

Tundra For Sale!

With the fender fitted, it’s finally ready for sale! The TUNDRA is now for sale at our showroom~ New AW rims, new tires, and new over fenders kitted, making the Tunda even more awesome than before. Vehicle Price: 2,580,000 JPY Mileage: 65,000 miles or around 104,000 km Contact us at our showroom for more details!

Miki Suzuki Renewal OPEN!

Miki Suzuki, part of our Mclimb Group, has reopened at their new location! Today is just the preopen day, but everything is set in place. A new look for Miki Suzuki~ Also just a 10 minute drive from our Mclimb/Weed Showroom! On Sunday and Monday (22-23 November) we also have a time limited fair! All

Delica D5 RALLI ART KOBE Wheels!

These rims finally arrived at our Tsuchiyama Branch! The original RALLI ART KOBE wheels for the Delica D5. They’ve just started to participate in the WRC and the Paris-Dakar Rally. A new brand with the aim to become a sports brand with many racing achievements: RALLI ART KOBE Our Mclimb wheel designs are concave, but

News on the Next Land Cruiser Model

There’s been talk of a new Land Cruiser model coming out next year! Lots of speculation all around, but the specifications are still not confirmed. Will it be a V6 petrol 3.5L+ motor?Maybe a 3.3L diesel turbo+motor?Or perhaps it will go towards the V8 petrol 4.6L engine that is popular overseas. Personally, for the Land

Introducing: JEPPESEN

All new customized JEEP!