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Leather Seat Covers for the 185 Hilux Surf!

Good evening from Mclimb/Weed HQ! The 185 Surf is becoming a limited item, but remains popular here in Japan. Here at Mclimb/Weed, we not only take care of the exterior, we also look at the interior! From seat covers to upholsteries, here are a few samples of what we can do for you: We have

Delica Accent Panel

Good day from our Tsuchiyama Branch! It became cold again yesterday, and the pollen are also everywhere indicating that spring has started… We hope everyone is taking care and staying safe and healthy. Now to introduce the changes we made to our beige Delica D5: To start, we have the Mclimb LED room lamp kit:

Outdoor Time with the D5

We spent some time outdoors with the customized Delica D5! It already looks like summer even though it’s just the beginning of spring~ Enjoy your outing adventure camping and fishing with the family van Delica D5 and the SKycamp 2.0 mounted. Add our WARLOCK body kit to the mix and you get an intimidating ride

Delica D5 at Sabae Branch

The Delica D5 on display is the Nomad Camper edition: This edition has the iKamper roof top tent SKYCAMP 2.0 mounted And the rims are our original NOMAD rims The Skycamp 2.0 roof top tent is mounted so our customers can freely try it out in person~ For the details, look below: Vehicle Information:2.2 diesel

FJ Cruiser Original Fender

Just another regular day delivering our original FJ Cruiser over fender to our customer! The Mclimb original over fender to give it a wider look. The all body paint and rims are all custom choices by the customer that they did themselves~ The fenders safely arrived and the customer had no trouble installing it on

The Prado BK Style +

Good morning from Tsuchiyama Branch! Only another week left in February… How time flies~ And with that, it’s time to introduce the newest complete model for the Prado! The New Completed Model BK Style +! This style has the Mclimb body kit installed <3 The front under spoiler kit has 5 parts all together. With

Ramping Up the Jeep

Hi from Tsuchiyama Branch! The weather’s suddenly changed from warm to very cold the past few days, but we are still hard at work and making sure to keep warm~ We have one of our managers kitting the lift up suspension on the rear end. The before and after pictures are: Looks more sturdy, doesn’t

New Jimny Sierra – VIN40

Our latest rig on display at Tsuchiyama Branch: The New Jimny Sierra VIN40 in beige! What does the VIN40 have? Well, it has: Front grille Front bumper Front skirt Rear bumper Tail lamp Mclimb LED headlights Other than that, we have … ASTRO DC original rims by MCLIMB (16×6.0J inset -6) <color: MBK> KO2 WR

Hilux Surf LA Style

Good day everyone! I’m Setsu from the main branch here to introduce you to our Hilux Surf in LA Style! With the whole body painted Marrakesh Brown with the exception of the chrome bumpers. The 20 inch rims match with the 2.5 inch lift up to make a grand entrance for the Surf!! The steering

Variations for the Delica D5

Introducing the many faces and rims for the Delica D5! Starting with the many faces~ Starting with the WARLOCK faces: The body kit has a special front grille kitted, giving it a different look on the D5. From the top left, we have… The WARLOCK body kit on a BK style D5 The WARLOCK body