Variations for the Delica D5

Introducing the many faces and rims for the Delica D5! Starting with the many faces~

Starting with the WARLOCK faces:

The body kit has a special front grille kitted, giving it a different look on the D5. From the top left, we have…

  • The WARLOCK body kit on a BK style D5
  • The WARLOCK body kit on a beige D5 with decal accessory (decal letters)
  • The WARLOCK body kit on a D5 with decal accessory
  • The WARLOCK body kit on our model D5 with the latest tuff coat (anti-rust properties)

Then for the regular faces we have the D5 in BK Style in black and white:

Then with the rims for the D5 (descriptions start from top left picture):

  • MKW/MK56 Aluminum Rims
  • Mclimb NOMAD Rims
  • Rally Art Kobe Original Rims
  • [New] Brut BR-55 Rims

For any Delica D5 customizations, feel free to contact us for advice or more information at our Tsuchiyama Branch.

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