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November is also over.

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s December in another dayIt’s too early.Well, when I went out a while ago, Mr. Kanayama was doing something, so I took a voyeur. If you turn on the light, it will be more cute.If you look closely at this Sierra, it seems that the light also blinks at the time of the

Sabae store is also exhibiting COSWHEEL

Weed Sabae storeAs the title says, COSWHEEL is also on display at the Sabae store. Electric motorcycles and scooters can be advanced only by the power of electricity.Gasoline is soaring these days, so please feel free to contact us for the one that is perfect for your environment.We are open today as well. Please note

Main store exhibition “early” delivery information update

November 28, 2021Weed main store showroom on displayEarly / delivery information190 About 1 month until deliveryWhen making inquiries, please contact us from the following phone number or email address.You can also send an email directly by clicking the address.● TEL 0794-73-8000● Email weed001@nifty.com19811/20 update 198 NO, 1 NO, 17NO, 1  1999 Hilux Surf 185 Vehicle

Tsuchiyama store YouTube shooting

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s been really cold lately … I lifted the ban on Cairo.The place where it is pasted is warmWell, leave my Cairo story asideThe other day, I took a YouTube photo at the Tsuchiyama store. What is it like this time?We will inform you when the distribution starts, so please wait for a

Latent Take Point

Weed main store again.Today, we are a user of our company who is visiting us for tire replacement, but we will continue to support you because you have made your debut on Youtuber.“Hidden Take Point” ChannelPlease subscribe to our channel.

COSWHEEL is in stock

Weed main store.It’s suddenly getting cold after the rain the other day.We are looking forward to many inquiries and visits as we will continue to operate vigorously today without losing the cold.By the way, the EV scooter I mentioned the other day, Smart EV COSWHEEL Finally, it arrived at the Weed main store.■ Smart EV

Instagram held

Every Sunday’s annual instagramIt will be held from 18:00 on the 28th (Sun) Today, so we look forward to seeing you a lot.

Custom requests are also welcome

Weed Sabae store.Weed Sabae store We welcome everything from custom to parts installation. I just installed the Prado USB port.Thank you for your request.Please feel free to contact us, as it is okay to consult with us about a little custom.Weed Sabae store is open today as well.

Delica wheel

Weed Tsuchiyama storeIt’s raining on the 2nd of the month, pretending that the weather is good today.Well, today is about Delica wheels.Of course, wheels are included in the complete price of BK style WARLOCK.Here is the wheel that can be changed without changing the price. Delica exclusive original “KANONE” Delica exclusive original “NOMAD” Delta Force

Bronze Prado complete style

looking is too cool………..