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Let’s Go Camping~

With the cold subsiding, the camping season is on its way! With the iKamper mounted on the Delica D5, you can enjoy your time with nature, fishing or having BBQ with friends and family. The iKamper roof top tent is a great way to camp outdoors with a simple set up right on top of

Disinfecting the Showroom

We are still open as usual, but we had someone come in to disinfect the showroom! Just look at all that smoke! This will be effective for another 8 weeks or so. Even with the number of people with corona has decreased, we are taking every precaution to make our showroom a safe place for

March Has Begun!

Hello from Tsuchiyama Branch! We’ve finally mounted the Skycamp 2.0 on top of the Delica D5, so if you’re near by feel free to come by for a look 😉 We also have the No Interest Rate Campaign for the D3lica D5 with limited numbers! For more information, please contact us. Hurry! Only 3 cars

February Campaign

The February Campaigns have begin! They will last until the end of February, so grab them when you can. At Tsuchiyama Branch, we have the Delica and Prado promotion:Sign a contract with us this month and get these all-in-one promotion option At our Main Branch, we have the Valentine Campaign:The male customers who visit us

January Campaign Still Going~

As usual, the customized Delica D5 is still available for sale! Our most popular custom style is our BK Style in all black finish. Our contact at Mitsubishi Hyogo sent us the new catalog and what do we see? They have a new genuine option for accessory: The black out option for parts. The price

Happily Working

Good morning from Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch! Seems like the northern regions will start having lots of snowfall from today onward, even up to having blackouts… Those of you in the northern area, please take care! We took our Delica out for a photoshoot yesterday~ We planned to go to Kakogawa for the photoshoot, but whether

Winter Is Here!

As the weather gets colder, it becomes harder to get out of the house each morning. But we are still open and have some hot rides on display! Behold: the Land Cruiser! It exudes power whichever way you look at it. The black color gives it that nice and crisp feel and the driving experience

Announcement from Tsuchiyama Branch

Campaign and Presents

Simple Is Best! D5

The days have become shorter, but our stylish Delica D5 stays the same~ A Diesel Turbo 8AT ride in our new Complete Model is on display at our Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch. Here’s our BK Style Delica D5 The vehicle price is at 4,420,000 JPY for the G-Power PKG with dlectronic side step finish. Other than

October Campaign!!

The campaign for this month is for buying new cars… No loan interest rate for the following cars! Land Cruiser Prado: – Mclimb Complete Model– WALD Complete Model Delica D5:– WARLOCK Complete Model– BK Style Complete Model We want you to enjoy your car without worrying about the interest rate in your payment plan, so