Announcement from Tsuchiyama Branch

Special news for those placing an order for the latest Delica D5!

When you place an order with us within 29 November, you will get to choose one of the 4 presents:

  1. Alpine Slim Rear Vision (Black)
  2. Remote Control Engine Starter
  3. CellStar Drive Recorder
  4. Quartz Glass Coating

We’re always prepping for deliveries until the end of this year for both normal and customized D5’s. The one we can prep for prompt delivery at the moment is the G-Power PKG for the Delica D5!

The black Maica body color with the electric side step, multi-around monitor, and rear safety device installation for 7-8 people.

Vehicle price is at 4,158,000 JPY
Extra options are the multi around monitor for 60,500 JPY and rear safety device for 49,500 JPY.

The custom package starts from 201,500 JPY~ and includes special 16 inch AW and BFG AT tires, all black body paint!

During this special time, you will also get the ultra low interest rate for the auto-loan too!

Contact one of our staff for more details.


Some products have limited stock. Once our stock runs out, the campaign will be over. It will not be applicable in the next campaign.

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