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185 Surf ★ makeover

Weed head office.I tried a makeover by adding a Tacoma-style grill to the 185 Surf. Add a TOYOTA grill for a classic finish. Add a Tacoma-style grill for an off-road style (wild) finish.The atmosphere changes dramaticallyThe real pleasure of 185 Surf is that it can be customized in various ways.

Notice of price change of SKYCAMP2.0 on display at

Weed Sabae storeAs I told you last time, we had an exhibition at Weed Sabae store.We have changed the selling price of [SKYCAMP2.0 Black]The price is ¥380,000 (tax included)*Price ¥547,800※free shipping*Installation cost, base carrier, etc. are charged separately.MoreoverWe are also replacing the main fly of the tent with a new one this time.It’s a great

Delica, Delica, Delica, Delica, Delica

This is Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s getting dark earlier these daysIt gets a lot darker around 17:00When driving, please turn on your lights and drive safely.By the way, I have a picture for you today. Five delicas are lined up.Everything will be your car.I am truly grateful.Cars before customizing, cars in the middle of customizing, and

Land Cruiser Prado BK style

Weed head office.Very popular Land Cruiser PradoWeed specification new car complete model ● 17 inch wheels (KANONE)●BFG/AT 285/70/17●Lift up KIT● Front grill (BLACK)-Over fender (35mm)●Body kit (front/rear) Dual muffler (rear piece)● Black lamp KIT●Front camera/side cameraThe following are standard equipmentUnfortunately, the manufacturer’s new car order has ended now.There are various reasons flying around, but I’m


Weed head office.Hilux Surf of Mr. A who lives in Saitama prefecture leaves from Weed head office (Hyogo)Mr. A★Thank you for waiting.Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your heartwarming words as we exchanged over and over again to make a contract without looking at the car and to remove as much anxiety

lots of delivery pics

Weed head office.Thank you very much for your many deliveries.I pasted the photos of the customers’ delivery so far on the passage to the toilet of the head office.You can imagine when it will be from the quality of the photo and the style of the car Please take a look when you come to

Delica WARLOCK specification daylight

Weed Tsuchiyama storeIt’s been a week since October, how are you all doing?It’s been really cold since yesterdayIt’s getting colder and colder, so please take care of yourself.Do you know?The WARLOCK Delica is cool even when it’s normal, but it’s even cooler with the lights on. The WARLOCK specification should have three daylights in the

adult secret base

Weed Tsuchiyama store3 days left in OctoberHurry up, there are only two months left in this year.It’s getting colder and colder, so please take care of yourself. Ikamper’s SKYCAMP3.0 is mounted on Weed’s original “WARLOCK” specification delica.Not only that, you can create a more spacious space by adding an annex plus.Great for campingSKYCAMP is really