Monthly Archives: April 2022

I got a nice photo from a customer.

We received comments from yesterday’s Instagram and received wonderful photos from our customers. It’s a good photo with the cherry blossoms in the background.Sakura and Weed style Prado are really coolThank you for sending us a nice photo.Please continue to have a wonderful car life.

Breaking event information.

This is WEED Nagano.It’s finally warm and it’s the perfect season for campingToday at Ikawadani Inter Hyogo Mitsubishi EXPO is being held.Admission is free, so anyone can feel free to join us.There is also a stall cornerWe are also taking measures against infection, so please feel free to visit us.The following event URLFree admission, large

We will hold an instagram.

Every Sunday’s annual instagramIt will be held from 18:00 on the 10th (Sun) today, so we look forward to seeing you a lot.

IKamper makes an outstanding performance even in the cherry-blossom viewing season

iKamper Japan.It’s the cherry blossom season.Although it is in the corona vortex, I would like to do my best by wearing the natural energy in my body. By the way, it will be held in Aichi prefecture, which is approaching one week later.“VEHICLE STYLE” Car and play festivalComprehensive exhibition of cars and playMotor Fan Festa

iKamper 『AIOKS』

iKamper kitchen tool “AIOKS” Those who like the outdoors and those who are about to start the outdoorsThis is a must-see item.■ Fashionable appearance■ It is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs about 10 kg, making it easy to carry.■ Two burner stoves■ Luggage can be stored in a large-capacity box■ Expansion table can be

150 Prado Custom

Weed Sabae store.The other day, I will introduce the Prado muffler replacement and aero installation.WALD side out muffler WALD rear skirt The red and matte black aero match.We look forward to hearing from you about our custom.