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Slide luggage on display

Weed Tsuchiyama storeToday is a warm day as opposed to yesterday’s cold was really cold yesterdayIt seems that it was snowing in the Kanto region, so it must be piling up today.If you are in the Kanto area, please be careful when driving.Well, a new exhibition car has arrived at the Tsuchiyama store. Rubber-dipped

Reconfirm the appeal of the Delica D:5

This is Weed Tsuchiyama store.The D:5 is the perfect car for the outdoors.It was nice to go to the campsite for a magazine shoot, but the snow from the other day had melted and it was muddy. Even the cameraman’s car slipped when he switched to 4WD, but the D:5 was able to run without

Immediate delivery OK for Hiace

Weed TsuchiyamaThe Tsuchiyama store is Delica D5, but we also sell Hiace.It’s a simple complete model, but it’s popular 198 Hiace is a car that can be used for both hobby and work.Moreover, it has a reputation for good resale value and durability of the engine.The standard body Super GL Dark Prime 2 is definitely

As early as the D5 exhibited at the Auto Salon

Weed Tsuchiyama storeThe Delica D5, which was exhibited at the Auto Salon, will be lined up in stores as soon as possible.Currently, it is temporarily on display at the Weed head office for magazine photo shoots, etc., but it will be exhibited and sold at the Tsuchiyama store this weekend, so please take a look.

Delica D5 new car complete model

Here in Kansai, even if there is a little snow on the road, I feel a strange sense of security because I am riding the Delica. Well, in the winter, the number of inquiries about studless tires and chains increases. Many people think that they only use them a few times a year, and it’s