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Mounting the Rod Holder

At our Tsuchiyama Branch, we just finished mounting the rod holder for our customer. This can hold your fishing rods for your outdoor trips in an organized and convenient way. Here are some pictures of the mounting~ And the finished product: Clears up the luggage space and makes the most efficient use of the roof

Let’s Go Camping~

With the cold subsiding, the camping season is on its way! With the iKamper mounted on the Delica D5, you can enjoy your time with nature, fishing or having BBQ with friends and family. The iKamper roof top tent is a great way to camp outdoors with a simple set up right on top of

Mounting the Rack on the Jeep

We enjoyed great weather today, and since we’re preparing to go on a picnic… We figured it’s time to fit the rack on the Jeep! We had the SMITTY BILT Defender Rack mounted: This is attached to the rainwater rail on both sides and at the rear window hinge. It’s made of iron and quite

Customer Pictures: Skycamp 2.0 on the Delica D5

We received wonderful pictures from our customers a few days ago! With autumn leaves starting to fall, it was a picturesque location. THe response from overseas was that it was so cool! 😀 Thank you again for the pictures and enjoy your Skycamp camping!

LonBoo and His X-Cover!

LonBoo, a Youtuber, has set up the iKamper X-Cover on his ride! He talks about how good it is, and how happy he is using the X-Cover on his beloved car. Check out his video and channel~ If you are interested in getting an iKamper roof top tent, feel free to contact us!

Customer Experience with the Skycamp Mini

Despite the strong winds that day, our customer successfully set up the Skycamp Mini and awning for their trip! A wonderful set up from every angle~ The food for the camping trip was also excellently made The camp fire, night view, and atmosphere was just what camping was supposed to be. This is the complete

The Skycamp Mini on the New Hilux

Take a look at what we have on the new Hilux! The Skycamp MINI!! You can pack a lot for your next outing in this set up! Give us a call or visit us about either the Hilux, the iKamper tent, or BOTH 😀

Camping Trip with the Delica D5

Hello from Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama branch! Before we know it, the weather’s gotten cooler and we entered into fall. Despite all that’s going on with COVID19, there are still people who look forward to their outdoor activities. One of our customers certainly did! The car was safely received and the camping was great! ~ said our

Let’s Go on a Delica D5 Camping Trip!

Get the Delica D5 for your camping trip!

Picture from Our Customer

iKamper Camping from Our Customer!