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Renewal of the exhibition car

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Is the rainy season already over? Hot days will continue ~ It’s the influence of the La Niña phenomenonPlease be careful about heat stroke.By the way, this week, the exhibition car is steadily. .. It was fleshed out.First of all, it is the installation of the bumper guard GOQBUTO / R made by

Is the corduroy fabric not peeled in the summer? Just how it looks?

This is the WEED main store.This time is a corduroy fabric seat coverIs it stuffy and hot in the hot summer? I think there are many people who thinkI actually used it and the impression was completely differentUnlike leather seats, it has excellent breathability and is cool. In addition, the body does not shift from

You used SUP rental

It’s getting hotter and the season for water sports has arrived.Weed rents “SUP” that can be used on the water at any time.The other day, I received a photo of the customer who enjoyed using it. An elegant momentIt is good to spend a relaxing time swayed by the wind and waves. It is also

One Owner 185 Surf All Paint Custom

Weed main store.It’s getting really hot latelyAfter it rains, I feel that the sensible temperature is even higher.By the way, as the title suggests, this introduction is a custom introduction of One Owner 185 Surf.After consulting with the Weed Sabae store, I decided to do all the painting in a refreshing way because I wanted

Masterpiece XC style

Weed main store.Today I would like to introduce the weed XC style.The difference is hugeIt is a masterpiece special specification XC standard style● Body NEW paint (You can choose your favorite color.)● 17-inch AW (there are many types of wheels)● Mud tire 285-70-17 (Mud MT tire with plenty of presence)● With rear tires (4WD degree

Hyogo Mitsubishi EXPO

Weed Tsuchiyama storeToday, I am participating in the Hyogo Mitsubishi EXPO being held at the Ikawadani head office of Mr. Hyogo Mitsubishi.The top tent of ikamper is placed on the Outlander phev and displayed. Every time I go to an event, I get popular comments from small children to adults, saying “cool” and “wider than

Daylight installation

The other day, I installed a daylight on the Land Cruiser Prado.before After With the Land Cruiser Prado, it became wilder.We are waiting for your custom request.

What is a new car complete car?

Delica D5, which is especially popular with those who enjoy the outdoorsIt is a new car complete model that has been well received, but let’s review it a little.First of all, what is a new car complete model? I will explain it for those who think.A new car complete model is a new car that

FJ Cruiser and powerful employees

This is the weed main store.The FJ Cruiser equipped with the Raptor painted over fender that I introduced before, but this time the main is a powerful employee who can also replace the tires of 285/75/17.Presence that surpasses FJ Cruiser even in unexpected photos

Tsuchiyama store Youtube shooting was done.

Tsuchiyama store Youtube shooting was done.Weed Tsuchiyama storeUnfortunately it’s raining today.Rainy days are likely to continue from next week.Anyway, I took a Youtube shot the day before.Did you watch the video during this time?If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look. It will be delivered at a later date.Please look forward to the