Masterpiece XC style

Weed main store.
Today I would like to introduce the weed XC style.
The difference is huge
It is a masterpiece special specification

XC standard style
● Body NEW paint (You can choose your favorite color.)
● 17-inch AW (there are many types of wheels)
● Mud tire 285-70-17 (Mud MT tire with plenty of presence)
● With rear tires (4WD degree large)
● US-plated bumper (plating that stands out)
● 2.5 inch lift-up KIT (exquisite height, not too high, not too low)
● US headlights (lights full of US feeling)
● US corner lamp (brilliant orange corner lamp)
● Crystal side marker (best match that is neither too flashy nor too plain)
● Crystal tail lamp (red clear complement)
● TOYOTA grill (US grill with a large presence)
● Over fender raptor painting (great wild feeling)
● Rear step raptor coating (hard to scratch and durable)
● Tube step (slim black step)
● Weed interior (re-lining, seat cover, interior panel paint)
● Navigation / ETC (HDI equipment is also possible)
It is the vehicle body price with all the above new parts included.

With all this, it’s a perfect special specification.
In addition, there are many optional parts.
● Side muffler ● W muffler ● Roof rack ● Dash mat ● Wood handle etc.
(Please tell us your request.)
If you are wondering or don’t know what to do, please leave it to our staff who have a good surf.
While consulting with our customers, we will support you so that we can deliver only one surf.
Please be assured that even those who cannot come to the store far away will be able to make suggestions by e-mail or video call.
Every Sunday from 18:00 onwards, we also have an instagram, so you can see the stores and cars, so please check it out ~ 409 (Search by weed4x4)
YOUTUBE channel (Please search on weed Tatchanneru.)

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