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Instant delivery ★ Diesel 4RUNNER style

Weed head office.New stock has arrived.1996 model mileage 151,000 km 3.0 diesel turbo4RUNNER style smoky blue. ■ NEW paint■ New 2.5 inch lift up/differential down block■ New wheel (Colorado) 16 inchnew MT tire■ New US headlightNew US corner lamp■ new side markerNew US blinker■ New crystal tail lamp■ New plated bumper front and rearNew TOYOTA

Hilux Surf and My Home

Weed head office.The other day, I collaborated with Jyutaku Tenbijo to take some photos. Hilux Surf that shineslovely Inner Garage Just thinking about not only protecting my car, but also “looking” at my car’s Hilux Surf as part of the interior makes me excited.The biggest advantage is that it can be used not only as

Wood decal 4RUNNER style

Weed head office.The wood-decorated style that was popular in the 1980s is now attracting attention again.So, when I wore the 185 Hilux Surf 4RUNNER specification with wood decals, it transformed into a luxurious country style. very beautiful combinationI feel nostalgic.If you are interested, please visit the Weed head office and contact us.


Japan’s largest outdoor vehicle festival『VEHICLE STYLE FUN MEETING』A new connection between car play and outdoor playWith the spread of SNS, various exchanges are spreading on the Internet.Even so, we are holding events in search of new encounters and discoveries.FAN (enthusiast) = FUN (enjoy)From online to offline real connections.We will exhibit as iKamper Japan, a BIG

Weed head office.

Today, I lined up 185 Surfs in front of the store for a magazine interview and took a picture. There seems to be an introduction to the car and staff, so please check out the November issue of Let’s Go 4WD.

Weed head office.

I feel that the weather has finally cooled down recently.I slept without an air conditioner last night.The 185 Surf, which has the same color and style as the 198 Tacchan-go, has been completed at the head office.It has almost the same specifications as Sutekiyankoto Tacchan’s favorite car, the Surf. 4runner style・Dean/Silver/16AW・BFG/235/85/16・2 inch lift up・New fender

wood decal

Weed head office.It’s been raining a lot lately, and it’s damp, hot, and damp.In the midst of this, a car with wood decals was completed yesterday at the head office. ・XC styleTOYOTA grillDoor visortube stepDean White to BFG/AT/265/75/16Of course, it has been lifted by 2.5 inches.I put a wood decal on it.Does not come off

X-COVER2.0 + Hilux Sruf

I’m back from summer vacationI hope you have a good rest, and I will do my best again full of energy, so please do not hesitate to contact me.By the way, a customer who purchased a Hilux Surf from us recently purchased iKamper’s “X-COVER2.0” and immediately went camping, so we received a wonderful letter. .

price cut

Weed head office.Miki City, where the Weed head office is located, has been very sunny and hot.This is good news.We sell Delica leather seat covers and Hustler leather seat covers at a special price. ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ Delica D: 5 exclusive leather seat cover for the previous termIt’s black with silver stitching and is very cute.For 7-seater/8-seater.It

Rough wheels on lumpy tires

“There must be many people who started summer vacation yesterday.”All of Weed’s stores are open for business Death!Summer holidays are as follows:From August 15th (Monday) to August 18th (Thursday).Well, sales of new car completes are going well, thanks to you.Surfing is synonymous with weed, but the new Land Cruiser and Hilux are also popular.More than