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Instagram held

We will be holding the annual Instagram 23rd (Sunday) from 18:00 every Sunday, so we look forward to seeing you a lot.

It snowed rarely on Miki.

WEED Miki main store.It has been snowing since morning today.It’s been getting cold, but please keep it warm. The outdoor corner is also widely exhibited, so please come and warm up.

I want you to know more about the goodness of the rooftop tent “iKamper” product.

With that in mind, we are gradually expanding our sales agents.The tent itself is also on display at the sales agent, so you can experience the tent.Please come and experience it. iKamper retailer■ M Climb Co., Ltd. (our company)● Weed main store 〒673-0415401-1 Funaicho, Miki City, Hyogo PrefectureTEL: 0794-73-8000 ● Weed Tsuchiyama store〒675-0104766-6 Tsuchiyama, Hiraoka-cho,

I’m Nagano, who joined the company on the 13th.

We will help you find the best one with you.Thank you.

I received a letter

I received a letterWeed main store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but it seems to be sunny from noonIt gets even colder when it rains.It seems that a cold wave will come, so I want to manage my physical condition perfectly.Please be careful about your physical condition.By the way, I received a photo from a customer who

My name is Tameda and I am a new employee.

My name is Tameda and I joined the weed head office from today.We will do our best to provide the best car and service to our customers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Notice that it is secret but not already secret

Weed main store.When you eat breakfast, your body feels crispy.Realizing the importance of breakfast again, speaking of breakfastAs some of you may know, weed is also farming.Weed’s proud “Weed Rice” has been completed this year as well. plentyWeed has a campaign in January,As a secret gift, weed rice is presented to all contracted customers.I’ve already

Instagram held

Happy new year.I look forward to working with you this year as well.Weed main store, we will do our best this year as well, so thank you.New staff will join the company again this year.We will do our best with the fresh staff.Thank you By the way, we will hold the first instagram every Sunday

Hilux Surf 215 Smoky Blue

Hilux Surf 215Made in smoky blueIt’s a style that feels fashionable and powerful.Good style like never before The feet are DEAN’s cross-country skiing and classic. The overall balance is also good. The matte black grill is also cool.Hilux Surf 185For Hilux Surf 215Please feel free to contact the Weed main store.We are waiting for many

185 Surf Narrow Body Urban Khaki is in stock.

As expected, it’s pretty cold today, isn’t it?Although it is cold and cold, the room is warm, so I think that customers who come to the store and deliver the car will be able to spend their time comfortably.We are looking forward to your visit and inquiries as tomorrow will be the last business day