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Mounting the Rack on the Jeep

We enjoyed great weather today, and since we’re preparing to go on a picnic… We figured it’s time to fit the rack on the Jeep! We had the SMITTY BILT Defender Rack mounted: This is attached to the rainwater rail on both sides and at the rear window hinge. It’s made of iron and quite

Front Runner Rack on Display

Now that we are the authorized dealer for the Front Runner products, we should naturally have a display for the racks and any other products too. And here we have it all set up! You can buy all these products from us, and we can install them on your vehicle once we check their compatibility.

Front Runner Products~

Mclimb is now an authorized dealer of Front Runner products! This includes the roof rack, storage system, and more~Their products are especially nice for cars with a spacious luggage area. For more information about their products, feel free to visit their website at: https://www.frontrunnertokyo.com/ Front Runner products available at our shops are for the following

We’re Now a Front Runner Dealer!

We became an official dealer for the Front Runner roof rack brand! We were so excited that as soon as it arrived, we assembled it on our FJ Cruiser 😀 It’s well known for its style, making this customized FJ look even better. If you’re interested in getting this rack, the car, auto parts, or