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Nice custom completion report

Weed main store.The other day, we received a nice photo from a customer who purchased the MCLIMB original over fender. Isn’t it cool?In addition to AW and grill matching, the quarter glass decal and overall balance are exquisite. It’s a nice piece No. .. .. Even so, it’s a nice atmosphereWe look forward to seeing

Tsuchiyama store YouTube shooting

Weed Tsuchiyama store.August will end tomorrowIn Hyogo prefecture, the summer fireworks display was just canceled, but there seems to be a place to hold it in winter.By the way, today was a YouTube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store! About the long-awaited new delicatessen wheel.Look forward to it If Shibata is also adopted, only half of

Jeep Renegade Custom

This is Tabata from the Weed Sabae store.Jeep Renegade custom.before Installation of side steps and replacement of tires and wheels.Just changing the tires and wheels will change the impression of the car.We are waiting for your custom request.

Prado Limited Time Special Project

Weed main store.By the way, the MCLIMB complete style of the highly popular “LAND CRUISER PRADO” This time, if you normally change the 17-inch AW to a 20-inch AW, you will be charged 100,000 yen as an option fee, but for a limited time, we will change it to a 20-inch AW with an option

Only a few left in August

Weed Tsuchiyama store.August 3rd …The weather is nice today as wellI feel like floating in the sea.By the way, the beige delicatessen on display at the Tsuchiyama storeIt’s like going to imitate something. I don’t even know what will change and come backI wonder if I’ll be back tomorrow I’m looking forward to coming backI

iKamper tent on display

Weed main storeOutdoor corner that has been updated for a long time Little by little, the feeling of mess came out.Good feeling At such an outdoor corner, SKYCAMP 2.0 and SKYCAMP MINI are exhibited at any time.Of course, you can experience it by entering the tent. In addition, NATURE TONES’s products are also available, so

Tsuchiyama store in Delica

Weed Tsuchiyama store.By the way, one frame at today’s Tsuchiyama store,I took a voyeur of Mr. Shibata who was taking a picture of the exhibition car Delica. The outer circumference photograph taken by Mr. Shibata is on the car sensor of the Tsuchiyama store.The plant in the middle is also growing quickly.The Tsuchiyama store is

Instagram will be held

Every Sunday, the annual Instagram concert will be held from 18:00 on the 29th tomorrow, so we look forward to seeing you a lot. I’m going out tomorrow

Jimny Sierra Custom

Weed Sabae store.Jimny Sierra is BK style.Click here for genuine condition ↓ The impression is quite different from the genuine one.It is a 1-inch lift-up that emphasizes ride quality.We are waiting for your custom request.


Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s getting hot again recently.It will be September in 4 days. It’s really early.By the way, the other day, I attached it to the Delica on display.Auto Flags GOQBUTO-R / Black This is a popular bumper guard, we are painted this silver part in black Yeah, it feels good.It’s even cooler.It is on