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NEW seat cover

Weed main storeA new seat cover has arrived today. It feels like it has excellent breathability.The sitting comfort was also very goodThis is still a prototype, but it is on display in the smoky blue of the main store.In addition to black, we may also make brown …By all means when you come to the

Youtube shooting scenery

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?The students are envious of the summer vacation.It seems that hot days will continue from tomorrow, but please be careful about heat stroke.Anyway, I took a Youtube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store the other day.This Youtube is a smoky blue Hilux. Summer color hiluxI want

Consecutive holiday start

Weed Tsuchiyama storeStarting today, it ’s the start of three consecutive holidays.I wonder if everyone will go somewhereIt’s goodIt seems that AUTOBACS NEW Tsuchiyama store also has an inner event during these three consecutive holidays.Weed Tsuchiyama store is also open.Today, the weather forecast will have a thunder mark 071 from the afternoon, so please be

Feel free to visit the Weed main store.

We have installed a parasol and parasol at the main store. It’s getting hot these days and it’s hot and hot to go out, isn’t it?Women are particularly worried about sunburn, right?You can see the car with confidenceThis parasol is okay in the rain, so please feel free to use it even for men.The inside

Exhibit car replacement

Weed Sabae store.The other day, I replaced the exhibition car.Here is the new addition to the exhibition car Delica D: 5 BK Style Army Green 185 Surf 4Runner Style Delica D: 5 Nomad Camper Specification (with optional bumper guard)The black Delica and 185 Surf are on display in the store.The Land Cruiser Prado, which has

Hilux Surf & ikamiper

Weed main store.Today, a customer who previously purchased Hilux Surf installed an ikamper roof tent.The roof tent really suits the Hilux Surf. Mr. Tameda explains how to use it.Mr. Y Thank you for this time.Please make lots of fun memories with your children.

Individuality group HILUX Z

Hilux is popularThe other day, I took a Hilux and went to Lake Biwa to shoot a magazine, and Tobi, who I went with, said that the Hilux had a lot of horsepower and was good at running.Although it is a huge body over 5 meters, the rear is light with a loading platform and

I went to shoot.

Weed main store.Today I went to shoot to convey the charm of surfing to everyone.I’ve taken a lot of videos and photos so I’ll show you a little. During the shooting, Tatchan and the manager of Tameda took a lot of super cool photos and videos.Inside, I was doing various things such as winding between

About new car options

The typhoon has become an extratropical cyclone and a heavy rain warning has been issued.Introducing the optional Bug Guard for the new Land Cruiser Prado and Hilux. It’s getting warmer recently and a lot of insects have come out. I’m surprised when the insects hit the windshield.It is 17,600 yen including tax.Recommended for those who

Introducing 185 XC styles

Weed main store.185 Surf, new information on XC style.The new XC style is particular about the interior as well as the exterior. The color of the center panel and the panel of the window switch will be the body color.Since this vehicle is smoky blue, the color of the panel inside will be smoky blue.Therefore,