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Exhibit car replacement

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s getting really coldI was washing my car in the morning, but it was too cold and my hands were biting.What would happen in winter if it were so cold now? Well, at the recent Tsuchiyama store, the exhibition vehicles have been replaced. New Hilux Z BK styleHilux with tough liner construction on

After all Land Cruiser 300 came to weed main store

Weed main store.Today, the Land Cruiser 300 has arrived at the main store.After a while, I will leave again, but after all Land Cruiser is big. The Land Cruiser 200 is also on display and for sale, so please feel free to visit us. We look forward to your visit.

Land Cruiser 200 visits Weed main store

Weed main store.By the way, Land Cruiser 200 has arrived at the Weed main store. He’s so big, his power isn’t perfect Introducing his profile■ 2013 Land Cruiser 200■ Grade ZX■ Body color black■ Mileage 55,600kmWith modellista aeroThe vehicle body price is 4,580,000 yenCustom is also OK from hereIf you have any requests , please

New Addition to the Showroom

Good day from Tsuchiyama Branch! There’s only 1 more week left in May. Time flies, doesn’t it? During this time, we added the Land Cruiser 200 WALD SPORTS LINE Completed Model to our showroom! This is the last one to be on display too! The base grade is AX grade~ Customs include: WALD Front Spoiler

Vehicles on Display at Tsuchiyama

We may focus on the Delica D5 at our Tsuchiyama Branch, but we also have other cars on display! Check out the awesome Land Cruiser WALD SPORTS LINE: The Land Cruisr Prado BK Style+: The JEEP Wrangler JEPPESEN: And last but not least, the Jimny Sierra VIN40: Other than the 3 Delica’s we have in

Lift Up Suspension

At our garage, we regularly handle customers’ requests for lift up on their 4×4’s. This includes fitting suspension coils! From the genuine Land Cruiser suspension coils to our original Mclimb lift up suspension coils~ Just the gold color of the coils give a more sophisticated feel to the custom. With this high quality suspension lift,

Land Cruiser Power

The Land Cruiser has always been a favorite among offroaders with its powerful engine. Not to mention how mean looking it is: The front face gives an intimidating look and the engine gives a powerful roar. Currently on display at our Tsuchiyama branch, you can come by for a closer look or you can ask