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New Sierra Custom Package

Exciting news from our Tsuchiyama Branch! We have a new custom style for the Jimny Sierra: BK Style Customs include: Front grille with Suzuki emblem Specialty rims – Astro DC AT tires BFGoodrich KO-2 Mclimb 1 inch lift up kit Specialty LED winker Specialty LED side marker Specialty LED tail lamp Rear rim and tire

Delica D5 In Stock

Due to popular demand, the BK Style and the BK Style II Delica D5 is back! There are more customs to be made, but just these make quite an impression. We are open as always, so feel free to contact us for more information at Tsuchiyama Branch.

Delica D5 Popular Styles

The Delica D5 in BK 2 Styles: BK 2 Style & WARLOCK Style First up, the BK2 Style: For the G-Power Package, specs include: front grille black painted front bumper black painted rear bumper black painted JAOS over fender 16 inch aluminum wheels (NOMAD/BMC +27) BFGoodrich AT-KO2 tires (235/70R16) Multi-around monitor Vehicle Price in Japan:

December 2020 Campaign Ended

Happy New Year from Tsuchiyama Branch! Last year flew by in a flash, and now 2021 is here. We had many set backs last year, primarily due to the pandemic, but we’ll work hard to make it through this year too. Now to reintroduce our Tsuchiyama Branch as the ultimate Delica D5 destination: This is

Sarge Green Special Edition Jeep

Merry Christmas everyone! On this lovely Christmas Day, we are introducing a special edition JEEP Wrangler: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Sarge Green – only 200 available Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Sarge Green – only 100 available With a strong history as an off-road vehicle, this Sarge Green color suits the outdoors environment well. One of

Simple Is Best! D5

The days have become shorter, but our stylish Delica D5 stays the same~ A Diesel Turbo 8AT ride in our new Complete Model is on display at our Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch. Here’s our BK Style Delica D5 The vehicle price is at 4,420,000 JPY for the G-Power PKG with dlectronic side step finish. Other than

Let’s Go on a Delica D5 Camping Trip!

Get the Delica D5 for your camping trip!

Come to Our Tsuchiyama Branch for Delica D5!

Get your D5 in style at our Tsuchiyama branch!

A Weed OG Hilux Surf 185 in BK Style!

Details on the OG BK Style here at Mclimb Weed!

New Beige BK Style Surf 215

Meet the latest BK Style in beige!