New Sierra Custom Package

Exciting news from our Tsuchiyama Branch!

We have a new custom style for the Jimny Sierra: BK Style

Customs include:

  • Front grille with Suzuki emblem
  • Specialty rims – Astro DC
  • AT tires BFGoodrich KO-2
  • Mclimb 1 inch lift up kit
  • Specialty LED winker
  • Specialty LED side marker
  • Specialty LED tail lamp
  • Rear rim and tire set
  • Latest SD navigation
  • Built-in ETC
  • Back monitor

All of these included, vehicle price: ¥2,680,000- JPY ※Other fees may apply.

This is an Mclimb original package~

Usually you’d have to wait almost 1 year before getting it, but at our store, we can shorten that wait time for you.

For more information, contact us directly!

*The model car is shared between our branches, so for any test drives or visits, please make a reservation beforehand.

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