Monthly Archives: December 2021

Main store exhibition “early” delivery information updated

Weed main store showroom on displayEarly / delivery informationAbout 1 month until deliveryWhen making inquiries, please contact us from the following phone number or email address.You can also send an email directly by clicking the address.● TEL 0794-73-8000● Email weed001@nifty.com12/20 update NO, 2 NO, 12NO, 1  2002 Hilux Surf 185 Vehicle body price: 2,480,000 yenMore

Custom request again

Weed Sabae store.We have received a custom request, so we would like to introduce it.This work is to replace the Prado fog unit to make it a yellow fog. First, remove the genuine fog unit The right is the genuine unit and the left unit will be attached. After the replacement, it turns yellow like

It’s still in time.

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Today is ChristmasI heard that it will be cold today, so I thought it might be White Christmas, but it hasn’t snowed at all, and it seems like it will be cold from tonight.It wasn’t a white ChristmasBy the way, the campaign is underway in December, but it is still in time. Don’t

Introducing Weed Main Store NEW Face

Weed main store.We are currently training at the Weed main store,Introducing the staff who have been working hard since this December as new staff.Arisaka Toya From now on, I would like to talk happily with customers who come to our store, focusing on work for overseas and work related to eye campers.I’m still studying, but

Request to Delica to install seat cover

Weed Sabae store.Today’s Fukui is blessed with good weather and the temperature rises a little, making it a comfortable day.Even if it’s sunny, the snow that fell last week hasn’t melted yet. The weather forecast from tomorrow will be marked with snow until two weeks ahead, so I’m worried about heavy snow.Today, I would like

The last instagram of the year

Weed main store.Finally, it will be the last Instagram of this year.December 26th (Sun) 18:00 START Thank you very much for this year as well.We will be enthusiastic about delivering it to the very end, so we look forward to seeing you a lot.

Tsuchiyama store Hilux exhibition car

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Today is Christmas EveJingle veil, jingle veil bell ringingI don’t know the continuation of this, so I’ll stop singing.By the way, I will show you the Hilux exhibition car in the Tsuchiyama store. Z grade BK styleAfter all the power is amazingIt’s cool … Tough liner construction for front grille, front bumper garnish,

Weed original goods NEW item

It’s a weed.Finally, it’s here.Weed original goods“Aluminum Outdoor Bottle” is now on sale. Weed’s original aluminum outdoor bottle.It is made of aluminum and is durable, and it has a carabiner so it is convenient to carry.He has an impact because the “Weed” logo is still in the size.The size will be 400 ml.It is also

Body “Wood” decal car photo session

Weed main store.Weed main store that is a little warm today with warm sunlightThe other day, I re-photographed the 185 surf wood decal vehicle that was constructed under a pleasant sunny sky.Wood decals are applied to the white narrow bodyClassic feeling that makes you feel Wagoneer The atmosphere will be different for both the gang

I got a nice photo

Weed Tsuchiyama store.This year will end in 5 days.It’s fastI felt like this year had started the other day, but it’s been another year.By the way, the other day I got a nice photo from a customer. Isn’t the photo after delivery too fashionable from customers living in Okinawa?I thought it was a fashionable cafe.Delica