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Hilux Photoshoot

Our Tsuchiyama store manager, Mr. Aki, took the Hilux twins out for a photoshoot the other day~ Both the white and beige make an impressive entrance into the outdoors! Especially with the iKamper roof top tent mounted: For those with a good eye, our rims are the CORORADO rims from Crimson in matte charcoal black.

The Hilux Camper!

At our Sabae Branch, the weather’s quickly warming up. And you know what this means: camping weather! We offer our Nomad Camper for the Hilux, currently on display at our showroom: The Skycamp Mini roof top tent by iKamper is mounted above the truck bed, ready to show you what your future camping experience could

Delica Photoshoot

We had a Prado photoshoot before, and now it’s time for the Delica photoshoot! This Delica is kitted with our Mclimb original WARLOCK body kit, giving it a more intimidating look. Paired with the NOMAD rims, it makes for an awesome ride. What do you think? Would you like to own a Delica customized like

The Skycamp at Sabae Branch

Reintroducing the Skycamp 2.0 on the Delica D5 at our Sabae Branch! Our customers are always surprised by how spacious it is once you open it up~ Make your camping experience simple and enjoyable. For any enquires, feel free to contact us at Mclimb/Weed!

Skycamp Rental Service

We are offering a Skycamp Rental Service for our customers to fully experience the Skycamp 2.0 before they decide to buy it! Mounted on the Delica D5, the Skycamp 2.0 is the perfect rooftop tent to match with the family van for a weekend outing. For more information, feel free to contact us at any

The Skycamp at Sabae Branch

We introduced the Skycamp on the FBC channel the other day, so now it’s time to introduce it here as well. At our Sabae branch, we have the Skycamp 2.0 and the Skycamp Mini on display. If you’re not sure if the Skycamp can be mounted on your car, we will happily check for you.

Decal Finish

We just finished putting the decal on the Skycamp at Sabae branch! We carefully place the decal on, especially on the curved sections… The camouflaged pattern on the black looks awesome! For any custom requests, feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Announcement: Skycamp 2.0

The Skycamp 2.0 has been such a hit that the black hard-shell Skycamp 2.0 has sold out! The next batch is scheduled to arrived around June, but there may be delays depending on shipping circumstances. If you cannot wait that long, we still have the Skycamp 2.0 in white still in stock: So feel free

The Skycamp on Which Car?

We’ve had various enquiries about whether the Skycamp can be mounted on this car or that car. So we decided to show you an example of the car we have mounted the Skycamp on. Here’s the Skycamp on the Step Wagon! Other than this model, we of course have the Skycamp on the Delica D5

Sleek Black 4×4’s

At our latest Sabae branch, we have the WARLOCK Style Delica D5 with the Skycamp 2.0 mounted and the BK Style Hilux with the Skycamp Mini mounted on display! Come by our shop so you can see and try hopping in the cars yourself! We look forward to seeing you.