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If you really enjoy the outdoors, if you really enjoy the outdoors, Delica D5

The one and only minivan “DELICA D: 5” equipped with a crocodile elementIt’s this place, but when you look at it by pulling it, it’s like this. There are traces of camping, but it is not a campsite.It is absolutely impossible to come this far with an ordinary minivan.Seen from the car side, it looks

Weed Tsuchiyama store Youtube update

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?It’s been hot days lately, but today it’s a cool and comfortable climate.Anyway, the video of Tsuchiyama store was updated on Youtube the day before.We explain in detail the custom parts of Delica WARLOCK specification and BK style specification.There is also an interesting farce towards

This is the news of iKamper.

We will open iKamper at an event called FIELD STYLE in Aichi prefecture on 5/21 and 5/22. Sky Camp 3.0 is on the 185 surf, and X-Cover 2.0 Mini is on the Jimny Sierra. There is also a special priced set of AIOKS and a light stand. The place is at the Aichi International Exhibition

ikamper We will hold a great deal on sale as a set. X-cover edition

I will post about the advantageous set sale of ikamper again.This time, we would like to introduce a great set of X-cover 2.0 and X-COVER MINI 2.0.(We have 3 types of plans for all A / B / C for each tent)X-COVER2.0START SET A ⇒ X-COVER2.0 + Shoe Rack + Awning Price ¥ 538,000 (tax

ikamper will start selling a great deal SKAYCAMP 3.0 edition

I will post about the advantageous set sale of ikamper.Today, I would like to introduce you to a great deal on SKAY CAMP 3.0 and SKY CAMP MINI 3.0.(We have 3 types of plans for all A / B / C for each tent)SKYCAMP MINI 3.0STRAT SET: A⇒SKY CAMP MINI 3.0 + Shoe Rack +

Tsuchiyama store is still open today

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s May from todayIt’s the third day of Golden Week, but how are you doing?Employees of Weed Tsuchiyama store are still operating well today. The roof tent is also open so you can look inside, so feel free to ask.We look forward to your visit and inquiry.

Weed Tsuchiyama store, the vehicle in the store was replaced.

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Today is the first day of Golden Week, but it’s raining badlyWeed Tsuchiyama store, the vehicle in the store was replaced. If you replace the vehicle, the atmosphere inside the store will change dramatically.Two Delicas, Hilux GR Sports and Outlander are lined up in the in-store showroom.Two Delicas and two Land Cruisers are


Weed main store.It was very hot at noon from this morning, I was spending time wearing Ron T and T-shirts.It’s hot and I take off Ron T and live only with T-shirtsToday, we have started exhibiting brass trail products at the main store.front It is exhibited on the right immediately after entering the main store.beside

Breaking event information.

This is WEED Nagano.It’s finally warm and it’s the perfect season for campingToday at Ikawadani Inter Hyogo Mitsubishi EXPO is being held.Admission is free, so anyone can feel free to join us.There is also a stall cornerWe are also taking measures against infection, so please feel free to visit us.The following event URLFree admission, large

IKamper makes an outstanding performance even in the cherry-blossom viewing season

iKamper Japan.It’s the cherry blossom season.Although it is in the corona vortex, I would like to do my best by wearing the natural energy in my body. By the way, it will be held in Aichi prefecture, which is approaching one week later.“VEHICLE STYLE” Car and play festivalComprehensive exhibition of cars and playMotor Fan Festa