If you really enjoy the outdoors, if you really enjoy the outdoors, Delica D5

The one and only minivan “DELICA D: 5” equipped with a crocodile element
It’s this place, but when you look at it by pulling it, it’s like this.

There are traces of camping, but it is not a campsite.
It is absolutely impossible to come this far with an ordinary minivan.
Seen from the car side, it looks like this. It was
I missed a photo of the steep road. There is a road under the right side, but of course it is a narrow road full of unpaved rocks.

Yes, if it’s a black can like Jimny Sierra, it’s okay. It is ant to enjoy camping casually at the auto campsite, but such a survival-like camp is also the best. Coco is a place I’ve visited several times for shooting, but the cameraman’s ordinary car rubbed his belly and retired even on a paved road on the way. Arrived after transshipping the equipment to Delica. It was the moment when I thought Delica was amazing again. Check the manufacturer’s site for details Delica D5

M Climb / Weed also handles iKaMPER products, so feel free to leave the gear to enjoy camping! The red BOX on the right looks like this when AIOKS (table with 2 burners) is deployed, it is very compact, but it is a magnificent size

When storing, a table is placed on top of this BOX, and tableware and cooking utensils can be stored inside. The burner has power and can shorten the cooking time.

Rooftop tent “SKY CAMP”
Three carriers can be installed on the sturdy Delica D5 with a tent rib bone frame on the roof. The family-sized roof tent is large enough to sleep four people. For families with small children, 5 people are fine. With a load capacity of 400 kg, it only takes 1 minute to deploy. The “Nomad Camper”, which is a set of dream-like tents, is also on sale at the Weed Tsuchiyama and Sabae stores.

King size mattress


The two Delicas I shot are demo cars, but they will also be sold at stores as new complete models.
The color of this model has been changed to army green, and this model is equipped with a warlock (body kit). The front grille, front bumper, over fender, and rear bumper can be easily attached to the genuine parts, just like black magic. An item that instantly transforms into an aggressive look. Normally, grainy matte black is standard, but the car in the photo is painted with gloss. A camouflage decal (optional) is attached to D5 on the front grill. The front and rear bumper garnishes with only the design changed so as not to interfere with the running performance, the front grille considering the position of the safety device and the quality of the D5 remain the same.
Notable is the over fender garnish! Power that cannot be seen with a thickness of 8 mm. The top and bottom are thickened, and the uneven shadows create power and elegance.
This body part can be purchased separately, and you can choose between painted and unpainted products. In the case of gloss, it is necessary to purchase unpainted and paint, but if you purchase a new car complete model at our shop, you can freely choose matte and gloss.
The change color (outer paint) is +300,000 (new car complete model limited price), and you can get the Delica D5 in your favorite color.

The vehicle body price is 4,800,000 yen (G-Power PKG) including the manufacturer’s optional multi-around monitor, BSW / LCA + RCTA, navigation mounting PKG, and Mitsubishi original 10-inch SD navigation. Of course, the wheels and tires in the photo are also included. In addition to the Canon in the photo, you can also choose Nomad or Delta Force for the aluminum wheels.

New car complete model proposed by Weed (customized) How to buy a new new car. Auto loan is a new car special low interest rate 1.9%, up to 120 times, it is also possible to propose a residual value deferred plan! Please feel free to contact us.
Click here for the video of Weed Tsuchiyama store

【Weed土山店】Weedオリジナルカスタム BK STYLE & WARLOCK それぞれの魅力的なカスタムパーツ紹介します!

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