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SKYCAMP2.0 on display at Weed Sabae store will be on sale

A typhoon is approaching.Everyone, please ensure your safety as soon as possible.As the title suggests, we had an exhibition at the Weed Sabae store.We will be selling “SKYCAMP2.0 black”.The price is 416,000 yen (tax included) List price 547,800 yen※free shipping.*Installation fee, base carrier, etc. are charged separately.It is quite profitable.Please purchase as soon as possible.For

X-COVER2.0 + Hilux Sruf

I’m back from summer vacationI hope you have a good rest, and I will do my best again full of energy, so please do not hesitate to contact me.By the way, a customer who purchased a Hilux Surf from us recently purchased iKamper’s “X-COVER2.0” and immediately went camping, so we received a wonderful letter. .

From the tent to the starry sky

This is the iKamper Japan division.It’s getting hotter and hotterEveryone, please take care of your physical condition.By the way, the iKamper tent that will finally receive new products next month■SKYCAMP3.0 seriesfinally landed For customers who have already made a reservationAs soon as we receive it, we will deliver and install it sequentially.please wait for a

Youtube shooting scenery

Weed Tsuchiyama storeUnfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?The students are like summer vacationIt looks like the hot days will continue from tomorrow, so please be careful not to get heatstroke.Aside from that, the other day I did a Youtube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store.This time on Youtube, it’s a smoky blue Hilux.

Youtube shooting scenery

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?The students are envious of the summer vacation.It seems that hot days will continue from tomorrow, but please be careful about heat stroke.Anyway, I took a Youtube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store the other day.This Youtube is a smoky blue Hilux. Summer color hiluxI want

If you really enjoy the outdoors, if you really enjoy the outdoors, Delica D5

The one and only minivan “DELICA D: 5” equipped with a crocodile elementIt’s this place, but when you look at it by pulling it, it’s like this. There are traces of camping, but it is not a campsite.It is absolutely impossible to come this far with an ordinary minivan.Seen from the car side, it looks

Weed Tsuchiyama store Youtube update

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?It’s been hot days lately, but today it’s a cool and comfortable climate.Anyway, the video of Tsuchiyama store was updated on Youtube the day before.We explain in detail the custom parts of Delica WARLOCK specification and BK style specification.There is also an interesting farce towards

Sky Camp 3.0

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The other day, I installed Sky Camp 3.0 on the Outlander. It’s hard to installHowever, once you get here, it’s easy.It can be opened and closed in 1 minute.Until the last time, it was Sky Camp 3.0 MINI, but it has changed to Sky Camp 3.0 and it has become wider. It is

This is the news of iKamper.

We will open iKamper at an event called FIELD STYLE in Aichi prefecture on 5/21 and 5/22. Sky Camp 3.0 is on the 185 surf, and X-Cover 2.0 Mini is on the Jimny Sierra. There is also a special priced set of AIOKS and a light stand. The place is at the Aichi International Exhibition

ikamper We will hold a great deal on sale as a set. X-cover edition

I will post about the advantageous set sale of ikamper again.This time, we would like to introduce a great set of X-cover 2.0 and X-COVER MINI 2.0.(We have 3 types of plans for all A / B / C for each tent)X-COVER2.0START SET A ⇒ X-COVER2.0 + Shoe Rack + Awning Price ¥ 538,000 (tax