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I want you to know more about the goodness of the rooftop tent “iKamper” product.

With that in mind, we are gradually expanding our sales agents.The tent itself is also on display at the sales agent, so you can experience the tent.Please come and experience it. iKamper retailer■ M Climb Co., Ltd. (our company)● Weed main store 〒673-0415401-1 Funaicho, Miki City, Hyogo PrefectureTEL: 0794-73-8000 ● Weed Tsuchiyama store〒675-0104766-6 Tsuchiyama, Hiraoka-cho,

Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 Last day of today

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Today, Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 will be the final day ↓ Camping equipment is also on display It will be until 18:00.We also take preventive measures against infection.The Weed booth is in North Hall 10, so we look forward to seeing you on the final day.

Introducing Weed Main Store NEW Face

Weed main store.We are currently training at the Weed main store,Introducing the staff who have been working hard since this December as new staff.Arisaka Toya From now on, I would like to talk happily with customers who come to our store, focusing on work for overseas and work related to eye campers.I’m still studying, but

FIELDSTYLE2021 is being exhibited.

Weed main store, Tsuchiyama store, Sabae storeWe are full of energy today.By the way, today, tomorrow and outdoor events being held in Aichi prefectureWe are exhibiting at “FIELDSTYLE” as iKamper Japan. The vehicle exhibited this time is■ Delica D: 5■ HiluxBoth of these are the ones that have been changed to beige.We deliver SKYCAMP 2.0

iKamper Annex Room How to use in winter

Weed main storeBy the way, from customers using our iKamper productsI received a letter.Use SKYCAMP with the Annex Room you purchased the other day.It seems that I went camping this time. First of all, the collaboration between 185 Surf and SKY CAMP looks good, isn’t it?The other day, we also installed hitch members etc. at

TV shooting

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It rained yesterday for the first time in a long timeThe temperature has dropped and it’s getting really cold.It’s winter alreadyThe season for hot pot and oden has arrived.By the way, I’m shooting TV from the morning today. The scenery is nice and the location is nice.Mr. Kanayama will also appearHow will it

Let’s Go 4WD Festival 2021

Weed Tsuchiyama storeToday, November 7th, “Let’s Go 4WD Festival 2021” was held at the special venue of Fujiten Resort in Yamanashi Prefecture. Weed was also exhibiting.Beige Delica and Prado The weather is good and the event is sunnyThank you for visiting us today.I will participate in the event again next week.I will write the details

Delica D: 5 Nomad Camper Specifications

Weed Sabae store.Today, I would like to introduce the vehicles on display at the Weed Sabae store. Delica D: 5 Nomad camper specification.Sky camp is also attached to Delica, so you can actually ride and experience it. Near Delica, there is also an eye camper kitchen tool from the same manufacturer as Sky Camp.Since the

SKYCAMP inventory is running low

Become one with natureBecome one with the natural sceneryThe stock of iKamper SKYCAMP SKYCAMPMINI is running low.The next delivery will be about 2-3 months later.If you are considering this, please consider and contact us as soon as possible.We are waiting for many inquiries.

SKY CAMP is on display

Weed Tsuchiyama storeSKY CAMP is placed on the beige Delica on display in the showroom inside the Tsuchiyama store. Please actually climb and experience the size of the inside Mr. Kanayama, who is tall, can also stretch his legs and lie down.There is also a mat so you can sleep comfortably.It will be a perfect