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iKamper tent is a lively weed main store.

iKamper roof tent“SKYCAMP2.0” “SKYCAMP MINI”At the Weed main store, we are exhibiting at the showroom in the store at any time.You can also go inside the tent and experience it.Please experience the texture, sleeping comfort, and size of the tent in real life.The number of iKamper tent stores and dealers is gradually increasing.If you are

Weed Sabae store is open well.

Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.Recently, customers of various genres have come to the Weed Sabae store. Frog for foliage plants Mr. hornworm also visited the store By the way, at the Weed Sabae store, we are exhibiting the kitchen tool from Eye Camper, so we are looking forward to seeing and touching it.

A wonderful letter from customers using SKY CAMP

Weed main store.It’s open again with a refreshing sunny pattern after the rain continues.I am glad that you have come to the store from the morning today.By the way, from the customer who installed SKYCAMP 2.0 on Hilux Surf 185 at our shop the other day.Thank you for your wonderful letter. Enjoying the outdoors with

iKamper tent on display

Weed main storeOutdoor corner that has been updated for a long time Little by little, the feeling of mess came out.Good feeling At such an outdoor corner, SKYCAMP 2.0 and SKYCAMP MINI are exhibited at any time.Of course, you can experience it by entering the tent. In addition, NATURE TONES’s products are also available, so

iKamper tents are in stock

Thank you for waiting.iKamper tents are in stock.The SKY CAMP MINI, which was backordered, has also arrived, so we will prepare for delivery at any time to the customers who have made reservations.For reservation customers, please wait for a while until delivery.

FJ Cruiser roof rack installation

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The wind is strong today, probably because of the typhoon.By the way, today, I will deliver the situation at the main store.This is a must-see for owners who want to put iKamper on the FJ Cruiser. I will install the front runner roof rack on the FJ Cruiser Since the roof of FJ

It’s raining

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Weed’s summer vacation is over and we’re back in businessIt’s raining a lot every day. Besides, I don’t like heavy rain.By the way, at the event in Fukuoka the other day, it rained heavily due to the approaching typhoon, and the tent became messed up, so I opened the tent and dried it

Exhibit car specification change

Weed Sabae store.The Hilux exhibited at the Sabae store was a Nomad camper specification, but to change the specification, the Sky Camp Mini and Yakima carriers were removed.before after Stay tuned for what the specifications will be

Mr. Tatsumi Channel shooting

Weed main store.Today was the shooting day of Youtube channel Stay tuned for the next channel

Bed liner attached to the loading platform

Weed Tsuchiyama store. It’s hot today, it’s hot every day.By the way, today I will show you how to install the Hilux bed liner. I was surprised when it arrived, and when I opened the box to the size of the box, it looked like this. Well, let’s install it. It didn’t fit in, it