Installed mud flaps

Weed Tsuchiyama
It was very warm yesterday and the day before yesterday, but today is cold.
It looks like the cold days will continue this week, so dress warmly when you go out.
Today, Gacky from the Tsuchiyama store installed the mud flaps.

It is the second one to install mud flaps,
I was doing so skillfully that it is incomparable to before
Now, I am doing the installation of Warlock by myself.
I am doing my best in both sales and work
Someday, I wish I could become a two-sword fighter like Shohei Ohtani.
We are currently running a free land transportation campaign.
Limited to those who have ordered the Delica D5.
Until the 29th.
Please contact us as there is still time.
★Tsuchiyama store★       
TEL: 078-942-1600

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