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Weed Tsuchiyama store in Delica

Tomorrow is Day of the OxSo I ate saury kabayaki yesterday.I’m not good at eels and conger eels, so I enjoyed it with saury.By the way, I will give you a glimpse of your Delica, which we delivered the other day. BK Style 2 with IKAMPER Wheels with RAYS F6boost JAOS mud flaps, GOQBUTO-R Also,

Hilux Custom!

Weed Sabae store!Hilux has been lifted up! The front is a 40mm lift-up coil Rear is a 25mm lift-up block When lifted up, it looks bigger than the genuine one! !!This vehicle is a black rally edition of the previous term and has a genuine over fender, but the over fender suits the Hilux ~!We

Weed Sabae store is open well!

This is Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.The weather has been so nice that it’s been too hot since the morningWeed Sabae store is open well. Successive Prados are on display in the parking lot of the Weed Sabae store. The weather is nice so the blue sky and Prado look great.Weed Sabae store is

Mr. Tatsumi Channel shooting

Weed main store.Today was the shooting day of Youtube channel Stay tuned for the next channel

Bed liner attached to the loading platform

Weed Tsuchiyama store. It’s hot today, it’s hot every day.By the way, today I will show you how to install the Hilux bed liner. I was surprised when it arrived, and when I opened the box to the size of the box, it looked like this. Well, let’s install it. It didn’t fit in, it

We are opening a store at my X Yokohama store’s event! July 25, 2021

Weed main store By the way, we are working hard as a store for iKamper products.The other day, I was invited by Mikes from Yokohama to participate in the event as iKamper Japan. It will be held until 18:00 today.We are still holding it, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Weed Tsuchiyama store in Delica

It’s a turning point for four consecutive holidays.I washed the exhibition car from the morning today.Car wash at this time dries quickly and water stains remain, so it is a race against time. Even though I’m pouring water on it, when I wash it with a sponge, it’s hot water.That’s horrible Somehow, it’s the same

Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.

Recently, the exhibition car in the Weed Sabae store has changed a little. Prado and Delica will welcome you when you enter the entrance of the Weed Sabae store. We are waiting for many visitors.

Delica in Weed Tsuchiyama store

It seems that a typhoon is approaching OkinawaI feel that the typhoon will occur late this year.If you live in Okinawa, please be careful.By the way, the other day, I received a custom request, so I installed it. This is also the popular GOQBUTO-RIt gets cooler at once, isn’t it, Mr. Gokubuto?I also installed a

Jinmy sierra in Weed Tsuchiyama store

When I washed the car hot today, my clothes were sweaty and messyI’m glad I brought my clothes around todayBy the way, since the lycan is gone, there is a new exhibition car at the Tsuchiyama store. Jimny Sierra is joining the showroom in the storeYou can also see the inside of the car, so