Monthly Archives: January 2021

Only A Few Left!

The Land Cruiser in WALD only has a few left in stock! Better hurry before they completely run out of stock! Currently on display at our Tsuchiyama Branch 😀

Weed Original Key Ring: wood & Leather

It’s been 1 year since we released the original key rings, and now it’s time for a model change. The current model lasts until the stock runs out, so get it while it’s here! We’ll keep you up to date on the new model changes~ Feel free to contact us for details and pricing 😀

Delica D5: Sand Beige Style

Introducing the latest custom on the Delica D5! All body sand beige painted with the WARLOCK body kit installed. This is currently on display at our Tsuchiyama Branch, so feel free to visit and check it out!

Why Not the ZX Land Cruiser?

Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch here! Before we know it, the 200 late model is done. We only have a limited number in stock at the moment. The grade we have is for the AX. Wonder why we don’t use the ZX Grade? Simply put, if we use the ZX grade and customize it, it would come

New Car on Display

At Tsuchiyama Branch, we have a new car on display! Being the go-to shop for Delica D5, this new ride is real special… It is the beige Delica D5 with the WARLOCK body kit! WARLOCK body kit: 4 piece kit Front Grille with special LED lamp 16 inch NOMAD rims (in either black clear or

Delica D5 and Skycamp Set

If you are looking for a Delica D5, check us out~ Last time we looked at the gasoline model D5, but now we will look at the current model. <Nomad Camper Series> The iKamper brand roof top tent set and other parts and navigation installments are in demand! We have all of these wrapped up

From a Normal Surf ~

A customer who bought a normal Hilux Surf came by for a custom consult today. Their regular surf was painted in a color both the owner and their son especially picked too! A very nice color A classical matte color with a nice feel to it, making it stand out from the crowd They made

Customized Prado: Lifted Up Kit

Hi, it’s Nishioka from Sabae Branch! We installed the lift up kit to the Prado the other day Here’s what it looks like underneath: Brand new suspension coil springs~ The customer actually also wanted to have our KANONE rims moutned as well, but the snowfall here is still pretty heavy, making it unpractical for now.

Delica on Display

Welcome to our Tsuhicyama Branch! We specialize in Delica D5 customs, so let’s see what we have on display at our showroom~ First we have our BK Style Delica D5 with Rally Art rims. This is an all black style. Next we have the WARLOCK Completed Model with the iKamper 2.0 roof top tent mounted.

At Sabae Branch~

Morimoto the strong here just arriving at Sabae Branch in Fukui Prefecture! Fukui Prefecture’s had heavy snow in the past week, making it difficult to get around. Just look at these pictures! The cars are covered in snow and even the locals are saying that this year’s snow is more than usual. It was warmer