Monthly Archives: January 2021

Introducing the Delica D5 Body Kit

We’re about to get these in stock again, so let’s get you familiar with our WARLOCK body kit for the Delica D5! Easy to install to make a wide body~ Front Grille (ABS) ※LED Lamps (D:5 Decal) are sold separately. Front Bumper Garnish (ABS) Rear Bumper Garnish (ABS) Over Fender Garnish (ABS) ※fender garnish adds

Original NOMAD Rims

Our Mclimb NOMAD rims look awesome even on a normal car! Fits with any style~ For more information, contact us!

Payment Plans for the WALD Land Cruiser

At our Tsuchiyama Branch, the WALD Land Cruiser in stock are gradually going! Recently, we have more payment options available. One of the more popular plan is the residual value deferred plan. Another plan is the monthly installment plan. Regardless of the plan, the number of years for each plan is decided from the start.

January Campaign Still Going~

As usual, the customized Delica D5 is still available for sale! Our most popular custom style is our BK Style in all black finish. Our contact at Mitsubishi Hyogo sent us the new catalog and what do we see? They have a new genuine option for accessory: The black out option for parts. The price

Additional Shop Holiday

Announcement: We usually have every Wednesday off, but now we will also close every 2nd Tuesday of every month for this year. This applies at all of our branches: Main Branch, Tsuchiyama Branch, and Sabae Branch. Please take care in coming to visit us. Other than that, we are open as usual from 9AM to

New Goods Available

A New Original Goods at Mclimb/Weed ~Weed License Frame~ An additional logo: Crawling on the Ground Fit for a 4WD, suitable as a Weed product There are 2 available sizes:●Large: 19.6cm×33.8cm●Small: 17.0cm×33.5cm You can use the large size for the front, the small size for the back, and think of it as a 1set product.

Land Cruiser Model Change 2021

There will be a model change for the Land Cruiser this year~ We will know the details and pricing around April. With that, the current Land Cruiser’s production is coming to an end. It is still a popular car, as expected from the King of land transportation! It may be the last V8 engine model,

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Mclimb/Weed Main Showroom! We look forward to bringing you wonderful customized cars and parts again this year. Ta-chan is also working hard once again!

Happy New Year 2021!

Welcome to a new year! We’re now open for 2021. We look forward to meeting you at our shop this year! To welcome the new year, we have our January Campaign! Raffle Presents Free Land Transport Service Low Interest Rate Loan for New and Used Cars If you want a Delica D5, come to our

December 2020 Campaign Ended

Happy New Year from Tsuchiyama Branch! Last year flew by in a flash, and now 2021 is here. We had many set backs last year, primarily due to the pandemic, but we’ll work hard to make it through this year too. Now to reintroduce our Tsuchiyama Branch as the ultimate Delica D5 destination: This is